Monday, January 17, 2011

Why liberals and socialists fear God

Creating a New World Order: part III

Why is it that liberals and socialists are always trying to get rid of God in our lives? Why are they secularists? Why is it so important to get God out of schools? Why can't we have Nativity scenes in public places? Why did Stalin say getting rid of God was the most important part of advanting Communism?

Why? Because God and the Bible Preach individualism. The Bible preaches Capitalism. It preaches that those who believe, those who work hard, will reap the rewards of their crops.

A good example of this is the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. Progressives teach in schools that the first Thanksgiving was all about Thanking the Indians for helping the Pilgrims grow crops. Yet that's not teh true story at all.

The true reason for that first thanksgiving was because the Pilgrims tried socialism for the first few years they were on American soil, and it failed. It failed because even those who did no work got the same amount of profit and the same amount of food on their tables. It failed because there was no incentive for people to work.

So the Pilgrims ultimately decided to try what the Bible preaches: hard work, i.e. capitalism. Under this new system, crops flourished. So after the crops were picked they decided to have a party thanking God for teaching them about capitalism.

Of course there were Indians there, adn the Indians helped with the crops. Yet thanking the Indians was not the reason for the great celebration, or the First Thanksgiving. The reason was to thank God.

Still, progressives continue to teach their own version. They ignore true history. Progressives, to advance their agenda and make socialism look good, had to lie.

Because of this lie kids in school do not learn about the success of capitalism and the failure of socialism, and the failure of redistribution of wealth policies. They do not learn this great lesson. And the result is redistribution of wealth failures are repeated again and again even to this day.

God Preaching capitalism is the same reason that communist nations don't allow people to go to church. As noted above, Stalin did everything within his power to order people not to go to church, and to disband religion, because he knew socialism and God did not mix. People could not have both.

Even to this day in the U.S. you'll see that many Christians are your strongest advocates of Conservatives (which is the same as capitalism). This is where progressives succeeded so well in Europe: they succeeded in getting rid of God.

Of course in Europe there's no Constitution to limit government. In the U.S. there is, and that's the main obstacle for Progressives in America.

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