Monday, February 21, 2011

Creating a New World Order: VII

A more recent goal in the process of creating their perfect world is to create a single payer healthcare system in the U.S. This will nip two birds with one stone, per se. It will create the single payer system, and it will also work to create a more unstable market, which is needed, because when the U.S. market crashes, the NWO will have to take over, and the U.S. Constitution will be trumped.

Since the Progressive Health Care program will pay for our health care, they will have the right to tell us what we can and can't put into our bodies. So the experts in Washington, or at the NWO offices (a.k.a. the U.N.), will decide what's best for us, and decide for us via laws or taxes.

Laws can force us to do what the experts think is right, yet taxes also act as an incentive not to do things that "they" don't want us to do. For example, taxes on cigarettes have gone through the roof as an incentive for us not to smoke. So by default, they have forced us to quit doing something they deem is too dangerous for us.

If we aren't on the government dole, we can do what we want. Yet if they are paying for our healthcare, then they have a right to tell us what we can do. They have a right to tell us we can't eat too much salt, and that we have to exercise even if we don't want to. They have a right to trump our Constitutional right to be stupid, to be lazy.

The Health Care law requires all insurance companies to accept any one with a pre-existing condition. That's equivelent to a real estate company being forced to buy a condemned house. The company being forced to buy a condemned house would go broke.

To you and I this doesn't make sense. To progressives it does. And once we learn the goals of progressivism (see Creating a New World Order: part VI), we understand it to, yet we still cringe.

Smaller insurance companies will not be able to afford to stay in business, and will close shop. They are already raising premiums, forcing more people off their healthcare plans. A good example of this is McDonalds (as I write about here). Mcdonalds is threatening to drop it's health care plan because of the cost being too high since Obamacare was passed.

And while Obama and progressives will tell you this was an unintended consequence, now that we know the goals of progressives it's hard not to think this was all intended. They passed Obamacare knowing it was flawed, yet a flawed Obamacare is part of the plan. Baby steps.

Another plan of progressives is to create the solution, then to create a problem that forces people to come rushing to progressives with the solution. That's why they often use the war theme: war on poverty, war on cigarettes, war on drugs, etc.

So now we have a war on the American Healthcare system. They have told us many times it is flawed, and that it costs too much, and too many people are without healthcare. What they fail to tell us is that it is still (or was before Obamacare) the best healthcare system in the world, and a majority of Americans didn't want it to be messed with. Most Americans were happy with their healthcare plans.

But the goal of progressivism is to perfect society, and a perfect society has a single payer system where people are taxed and the government pays for healthcare so everyone has access to it.

So a single payer system is the solution. Now they created a problem. And when all these insurance companies go out of business, the plan is that people will come calling to progressives for their single payer system. It's all part of the plan.

So when all the smaller health insurance companies go out of business, it will be easier to control the larger ones (see this post). The larger ones, even if they are privately owned, will be easy to regulate because they don't want the fed to let up on current regulations that would increase their competition.

So Obama would control the healthcare system. He will eventually have his NWO healthcare plan. We will get it whether we want it or not. At least that's the plan.

And with the government giving out free healthcare, more and more people will be seeking healthcare. They will be flooding already flooded emergency rooms. With demand increasing, and demand staying the same, prices will go up.

This will help create market instability.

When the system crashes, progressives will be right there waiting with their plan. -- a single payer system.

If smaller insurance companies go out of business, it will be easy.

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