Friday, February 25, 2011

NWO part VIII: The NWO versus soveirinity

To get a majority of the colonies to approve of the U.S. Constitution state soveirinity had to be protected. I think it is this Federalism that has allowed the U.S. to have the longest lasting Constitution in the history of the world.

The Constitution only gives the Federal government the right to make laws in seven areas. The 10th Amendment aptly states that anything not mentioned in the Constitution is left to the people to decide.

This was key to passing the Constitution, because it protected state rights. It allowed each state to be run as a small country without having to worry about the Federal government absconding power from them.

In this way, one state could have a Catholic run school and another an athiest school or a Muslim school or a school where all religions could mingle. And let it be known that at the time the Constitution was passed there were at least six states that had religious run schools.

This also adjusts for the unique cultures and backgrounds of the various states. In this way, the states could experiment. One state, like Massachusettes, can experiment with universal healthcare. If it works it might be adapted by other states. If not, if will not be adapted by other states.

In this way, I don't think it's a good idea to compare what works in one state with the entire United States. If, for example, the U.S. Constitution were changed as progressives want to do, and healthcare were made universal, or education was publicly run by the government (kind of like it is now), chaos will ensue. It will ensue because some states may not have a history or values that accept that.

As you can see, with abortion, when the Federal government forces something on all the people, even if it's for their own good, chaos ensues. Hence, we have the partisan divide.

It is for this reason that I think a New World Order would never work. There is no way that on governing body can decide what is best for the rest of the world, because each country, each que state, has uniqe values and a unique history and culture.

What works for Spain will not necessarily work for, say, Texas. What works in Britain or Canada will not necessarily work for the United States. What works in Britain might work in Texas, but not the U.S. as a whole.

I word it this way because some countries, like Britain and Canada, are the size of a state. Universal Healthcare might work great in a country like Canada with it's 24 million people. Yet try the same system in the U.S. which has 300 million plus citizens and 50 unique little countries that we call states, and chaos will ensue.

Now a facesious example. Say 80% of the people in Britain believe kids shouldn't be spanked. Now say in Michigan 20% say kids should not be spanked. So if this NWO decided to force a ban on spanking kids on the entire world, the people of Michigan would refuse to follow this law. I know I would. I know other people where I live would refuse too, as we are a relatively Christian and conservative region.

There is no way I would allow someone in Copenhagan to tell me they know more about raising kids than I do. I'm not saying I'm an expert, yet it's this freedom of choice in how to discipline my kids that makes mem happy. It's called freedom. It's called soveirinity.

There is not way you can tell me that a world order would do a better job of protecting my freedoms than my own Constitution already does. It is for this reason both Bill Clinton (a liberal) and Georgy Bush (a republican) refused to sign up for the world court. Both didn't want a world court to supercede the U.S. Constitution, which better protects our freedoms than the world court would.

I know that this New World Order would work the way I say above because the people who want this to happen are progressives. And progressives believe experts -- progressives experts preferably -- should decide what is good for everyone.

Besides, if a corporation over spends and crashes, it can file for bankruptcy. If a state mismanages itself, the country can bail it out. If a country crashes, the U.N. can bail it out. Yet what then happens if the NWO spends itself into failure. Rome would happen. A dark age would ensue. Chaos would be the result.

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