Monday, February 28, 2011

How to stop progressives

Creating a New World Order: Part IX

The only way to stop progressives is with God and returning to the founders vision for America.

We must cut taxes. We must decrease spending by a lot, which will mean upsetting some voters by cutting government programs. We must cut government jobs. We must stop paying government workers twice what average workers make. We must stop giving government workers benefits better that what the free market provides.

We must reform social security. We must reform welfare. We must repeal Obamacare. We need to put forth real health care reforms such as making it harder to sue doctors, and allowing people to purchase healthcare from any company in any state.

We must bring God back into the nation. God teaches capitalism.

We must educate our kids about the founding fathers, and the founding documents, and about the true meaning of the First Thanksgiving. We must teach that capitalism has succeeded wherever it has been tried, and that progressivism and redistribution of wealth has failed every time it has been tried.

We must stop changing history. We must tell history accurately. We must teach our kids the true version of history, even if we don't like it -- so as we do not continue to repeat the mistakes of the past.

We must stop making laws that are unconstitutional. We must preserve and protect the 10th amendment which was made to protect the sovereignty of the states and of the people. We must stop making laws that take away personal freedoms and give more power to the federal government.

We must stop taking power away from people like you and me.

And the only way to do this is for conservatives -- God fearing capitalists and normal people like you and me -- to get control of Washington and to gain a majority.

No. We must not just elect republicans. We must elect conservative republicans. We need a conservative majority, not just a republican majority. Sixty seats in the House, and 51 seats in the Senate.

And then we must win the office of the President in 2012 while maintaining our majority.

God. The Founders. The Constitution

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Dion said...

The way to stop progressives is to allow unlimited flow of corporate money into politics. Which has been accomplished with the 'Citizens United' Supreme Court decision. Also, some union busting by outlawing collective barraging is needed. Continue cutting tax for the richest Americans and deregulate industry to pave the way for bigger corporate profits.

Yeah, it really shouldn't take too long to stop progressives. Better hurry though, another financial collapse is just around the corner and it will wash away the 'left/right' divide.