Monday, February 14, 2011

The goal of progressivism

Creating a New World Order: VII

When you understand the progressive agenda, it's easier to understand why they do certain things. To you and me it doesn't make sense to increase taxes in a recession, or to give loans to Africa when we had to borrow the money in the first place.

Yet if you know the agenda, you understand them.

The agenda is simple. It's redistribution of wealth. This doesn't simply mean taking from the rich in the U.S. or the working class in the U.S. and redistributing that money to the poor and needy. It's more than that.

Progressives also think it's not right to take from other nations too. They believe that when one person succeeds, it's at the expense of another person. That if you get rich, another person is going to be poor.

To make up for that, they think it's only fair to take from those who make money and give it to the person who was wronged.

Likewise, on a national level, as American companies have gotten richer, it has come at the expense -- or so progressives think -- of other nations around the world. Since we take oil from Iraq and Iran and Syria and Saudia Arabia for our economic purposes, and our companies have gotten rich in the process, it is at the expense of the poor in these nations.

Capitalism (GOD) is taking away from the poor countries of the world and making America richer. This is what they call greed. This is why they called the roaring 20s and the booming 1980s decades of greed. It's not just that more Americans prospered in these two decades than any other, it's that this prosperity came at the expense of other people, and other nations.

It's up to experts in Washington, or experts at the U.N (NWO) to make laws that force people to help out those who were wronged.

Now you and I know this is all poppycock. Yet this is how these people really think.

This is why you have Obama wanting to sit down with the leaders of Iran. He knows they all think the same way. Osama Bin Laden thinks the same way as progressives. So do the leaders of Iran. The only difference is Obama and progressives in America don't resort to violence.

Yet Obama actually believes if he could sit down at the table with these folks he could convince them he is on the same page with them. He won't resort to violence like they have, yet he believes American Greed and arrogance is hurting the poor around the world, and America must be stopped.

Progressives actually think this way. And now that you know this, you might understand the thinking behind Hillary Clinton wanting to use money borrowed from China to loan to African nations so they can purchase environmentally friendly stoves.

Which brings me to the other progressive agenda. They beleive man is destroying the earth, so not only do they want to redistribute wealth, create a NWO which would consist of experts to tell us what we can and can't do for our own good, they also want to create regulations to create a green world.

Thus, the goal of progressivism is as follows:
  1. Create a NWO of experts
  2. Redistribute wealth
  3. Create a Green planet

So now the Hillary Clinton plan makes sense.

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