Thursday, February 17, 2011

The truth about protests in Wisconson

What's going on in Wisconson today is exactly what Glenn Beck had predicted. Those in power decided to cut spending, and those who were the beneficiaries of the programs that were cut are now protesting in the streets.

The protestors are upset because they will no longer get what they want. What's wrong with this is they are putting their own desires -- their wants -- before their nation. It's not about their wants, it's about doing what's best for the State of Wisconson.

A majority of protestors are youth. Many of the youth interveiwed by Fox News didnt' even know why they were protesting. They just said things like, "I was told to come here. That's all I know." They were protesting only because they were coaxed by their teachers and, worse, union organizers.

For too long in this country government workers were making higher wages than the normal worker, and they were making more benifits too. It only makes sense that their wages be decreased and benefits cut so they are making the same as the rest of us.

At an average of $20,000 in benefits per public worker, and Wisconsin having over 300,000 public workers, that comes to $9,000,000,000 in funding just of public worker pensions. It seems a small price to pay to ask these folks to give a little, and this little would save the state a lot.

Considering Wisconsin is $3.6 billion in debt, this is a big deal.

This seems to me like a good option, because another one would be to lay off public workers.

While wages of public workers were not cut in Wisconson, workers were asked to make a bigger contribution to their benefits -- just like the average worker. In fact, the contribution they were asked to pay would still be less than the average worker. And, as expected, those who were asked to make these contributions refused to show up for work. A protest ensued.

Another issue on the table is the union collective bargaining agreement. At present union dues are mandatory of all teachers, and all teachers have to get their health insurance from a company previously agreed upon. The governor proposes making it so joining the union is an option, and this would save the teacher about $500 to $1,000 that teachers could use to put forth toward their own health insurance plan (one of their choice).

Ultimately democrats will concede on the dollar amounts because they won't want to lose the union and the power of unions. Unions are huge for the democratic party and the President. Unions are about controlling the people. Unions are about keeping teachers in the democratic party.

Democrats won't want to lose that. So they may give a little, but they won't give up forcing teachers to join the union.

Another thing the governor is asking for is that the collective bargaining agreement no longer be valid for negotiating benefits. Benefits should be in line with other states and the those who are not government workers. Union negotiating should be for negotiating wages (and that doesn't change) but not benefits.

Yet Democrats won't want to concede this, because it reduced power of the union.

Regardless, teachers in Wisconsin are well paid. They make way more than people in private sector. It's not like they can't afford to put down a little on their benefits so save their state from a budget crisis. They might have to wait a year or two before buying another snowmobile, yet thats' a minor cost.

Yet a majority of those protesting are not teachers, they are youth. A majority of the youth on hand had no idea why they were even there. Yet that is the goal a progressives, to get the youth to protest. You can't get hard working, mature, unselfish, virtuous and well edudated adults to do that.

If the youth can protest, it paints a picture that makes people think that what government is doing is unfair and unjust. They make you think there is a problem where none exists. They represent 1% of the population, yet progressives in the media, and at schools, will get excited and make you think it's the majority.

"There are firefighters who will have their pay cut..." Obama said. Yet firefighters and police are exempt from the new law that is to be voted on soon. So even Obama is exaggerating.

So we must remember that the goal of progressives is to create chaos in the streets. The end goal of progressives is to collapse America and create a New World Order.

The truth is, Wisconson is broke. Something must be done to reduce spending. A good place to start is with those who work for the government. The same thing will happen in many other states, including my own Michigan.

The point here is that spending in the U.S. is out of control. When the going was good too many people demanded things they wanted, and legislators gave them what they wanted while disregarding the future ability to pay for those programs. Now that we can no longer afford them, those who got refuse to give.

This is another prime example of the Tower of Babel, where the glue used to bind society together is not virtues and right priorities, but selfish aims and materialism. Something needs to be done to stop it. If something isn't done, the country will collapse one state at a time.

If we are to keep the U.S. as a United Nation, we all must make sacrifices.It's not about what some teachers in Wisconsin, or a some teachers in Michigan, want. If we need to sacrifice our benefits to save the nation, then that's what we must do. Those who are rioting the in the streets are selfish.

The people who created this nation had to make sacrifices, and many of the sacrifices were lives lost. Here we had people sacrifice their lives so we can have an opportunity, and now we have people who put their pensions before the state or nation. It's having priorities mixed up, and chaos is the result.

Those who don't wish to make sacrifices are progressives, or those brainwashed by progressives, and those who have an agenda aside from what is best for the country and for their freedom.

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