Friday, February 18, 2011


The goal of progressives and radical Islam, according to the chaos theory, is to cause chaos by convincing the youth to protest. And even while it's only 1% of the population protesting, the goal is to make you think everyone thinks there's something wrong.

The ultimate goal: collapse of the West, and build up of the New World Order.

For those who want to disregard this theory, consider the following:

12. Obama adds $5 trillion to debt in 2 years (from Washington to Obama the total debt accumulated was only $10 trillion)
14. Kentucky is next
15. Tennessee is next
16. Chaos at the U.S. Mexican border
21. China

I'm not sure I necessarily believe in the chaos theory, yet I think there's enough evidence that we should at least not simply blow it off. When freedom and lives are at stake, all options should always be on the table.

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