Thursday, February 10, 2011

We must keep our eyes open

About a year ago a doctor said to me, "If I had known the direction that Obama was going to take us, I never would have voted for him."

I didn't say anything to that. I couldn't because I knew what direction Obama was going to take us because I watched the news and paid attention to the things Obama said before he was in campaign mode. I also paid attention to the people he associated with.

I couldn't say anything without risking offending that doctor.

I think there is no excuse to get to a point in your life where you have to say, "What in the world just happened? How did we get here? If we as humans, as Americans, continue to act in this fashion, to just go on with our lives without paying attention, one day our America will be gone.

If we continue to take it for granted, some day it won't be here. If we don't pay attention, close attention, to what's going on around us -- that so many want to destroy America, some day it will be gone. And you'll have those amongst us saying, "So, how did it get from so good to so bad so fast?"

The same thing happened before WWII. Neville Chamberlain warned us about what Hitler was up to, and yet we refused to believe him. Britains refused to listen to such "conspiracy" theories. Millions of people were killed as a result. America refused to listen, and instead it continued to sleep and was not ready when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

There are many people in this world who have a mission to destroy nation states and create either a New World Order or a Caliphate. They want to take away our natural rights and make us live under their laws. If you want to live under that kind of a world, then you should make that choice. That's fine.

Yet you should never all of a sudden realize your United States of America is no more, or we should never get to the point we are in WWIII fighting for our lives against radical Islam that has taken over the Middle East and destroyed Israel, and then say, "Huh? How did this happen?"

We need to keep our eyes open. If we don't, there are those who wish to kill us. There are those who wish to take our freedom away.

Glenn Beck today made an excellent point. He showed a member of the U.N. saying something like, "The Muslim brotherhood is a peaceful organization. They don't have an agenda. If a democracy is formed and they are a political force, they will only get 10% of the country anyway. They are peaceful and we shouldn't be worried about them."

Then he showed the 9th most prominent Muslim in the world and leader of the Muslim Brother hood saying something like, "If we get control of Egypt we will form a caliphate with all of Islam, destroy Israel, kill all the Jews, and then give the rest of the world an ultimatum: either conform and join the caliphate, or die."

So if we listen to the UN minister and the Muslim leader is lying, we are fine. Yet if we listen to the UN minister and the Muslim leaders are telling the truth, we are dead; our freedom is dead; we are dead; WWIII will be started.

Hopefully Glenn Beck is wrong, and he's the first one to say that. He repeatedly says on his show he does not want to be right. Yet at the same time he doesn't want the media, teachers, educators, historians and all the other brilliant people in the U.S. to continue to ignore His theory.

All Beck wants is for people to keep their eyes wide open. He doesn't want people to simply ignore His Caliphate Theory just because it comes from someone who doesn't want to see the decline of the U.S. He doesn't want people to think the U.S. is invincible. He doesn't want us to continue to worship our stuff, and forget that freedom is fragile. He doesn't want us to take our freedom for granted.

Yet you still have people who write things like Ryan Witt did over at the Political Buzz Examiner: " Today featured another class Glenn Beck rant, as he became unhinged at the thought that some people still do not agree with his caliphate conspiracy theory on Egypt."

That guy obviously has his eyes shut as to what Beck is saying. This is a perfect example of the truth that you shouldn't criticize someone and not take what he says in full contects. You shouldn't criticize a show by watching a 2 minute clip.

Beck never once said, "I AM RIGHT!!!" In fact, what he has said is, "I hope I am wrong. I don't think I am, yet I HOPE I am. For the sake of our country, for the sake of our freedom, I hope I am wrong!"

Beck never said he is angry when people don't agree with him. What he said was he is angry when people CHOOSE not to look at all potential angles, especially when you have thugs who wish to control the nations that surround Israel who have every intent of destroying Israel, killing all the Jews, and then killing all the non-Muslims.

If Beck is right, and the media is wrong, and Muslims are telling the truth, then we are DEAD!!!! It's that simple. So whether his theory is right or wrong, we owe it to ourselves to keep our eyes wide open.

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