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Church and state

Separation of church and state is a farse. It's one of the most misused statements, especially considering it is not in the Constitution. It was actually written by Thomas Jefferson in a letter he wrote to the Connectucut Baptists because Baptists feared their Government might interfere with how they wanted to do things.

Thomas Jefferson, by writing about the Separation of Church and State, was intending to allay the fears that the government would interfere with how the church was doing things. The government, therefore, could not make any laws restricting how the Church does business.

The 1st ammendment is actually referred to as the establishment clause, whereas Congress shall make no laws regarding anything mentioned in that amendment. For example:

Congress shall make no law...
  1. Respecting an establishment of religion
  2. Impeding the free exercise of religion
  3. Infringing on the freedom of speech
  4. Infringing on the freedom of the press
  5. Interfering with the right to peaceably assemble
  6. Interfering or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

Basically, this establishment clause protects these freedoms that we were born with, and that can only be taken away by government action. This amendment prevents that from happening.

This is important, because in Britain the Government had forced people to be a part of certain religions, and punished those who did not do as they were told. In America, our new Constitution gave us the right to decide what religion we worshiped, or to worship no religion if we so chose.

It does not say anything about Separation of Church and State. It does not say that religion cannot be taught in public schools. It does not say that the Ten Commandments cannot be written on the walls of the Senate Floor (because they are written there). It does not say, "In God We Trust," Cannot be on coins (because it is on coins), and it does not say kids cannot pray in school, and it does not say you cannot pray within 100 yards of any public building, or have nativity scenes on public property.

In fact, it actually protects our right to do so.

The phrase, "Separation of Church and State," was written by Jefferson because because in England people had to go to the Church of England, and many people did not want to go to the Church of England. Many people wanted to choose their own religion, and that is why they moved to America.

In his letter, Jefferson actually wrote that religion should be between God and you. England had the Church of England, and forced people to pay a tax to it whether you wanted to or not. The establishment clause prevented this in the U.S.

In Englant, those who preached the word of other religions could not preach in churches out of fear. Therefore, the founders created the Establishment clause to guard against that happening in the U.S.

Social Justice is the call by progressives to get God out of the United States. It's not so much that some of them don't like God, or believe in God, it's just that the Bible teacher personal responsiblity and accountability, and the Bible teaches Capitalism.

For progerssives in America, or socialists in Rushia or China to achieve their goals of redistribution of wealth, it would be easier to get God out of the equation. So Stalin forbade religion. He made it illegal. Hitler too forbade it.

Because of the Establishment clause this could not happen in the U.S., unless the Constitution were changed, or ignored. And that is why even while "Separation of Church and State" is not included in the Constitution, progressives, or liberals, pretend that it is. In fact, they have convinced themselves it is.

And because in their view it is in the Constitution, making laws to prevent the preaching of religion on public property is legal.

Progressives, as do socialists, want people not to worship the religion of God, but the religion of the State. They want people to not be good because they will go to Hell, but because they will go to jail if they do not. They want people not to listen to God, but to do what the experts in Washington want.

That's why progressives create a larger government, because these experts, or czars as Obama calls them, know what's best for people. If the experts in Washington believe people should not have salt because that makes people unhealthy, then the people should listen to the Will of the state and not eat salt. The State should be worshiped.

Most people do not want to be told what to do. Most people want to decide for themselves. That is why it's so important that we have principles, and we stand up for our principles. We must not elect people who do not believe in the same principles we do.

We need to vote not for people who are overly eager to make laws that help one person at the expense of another, or who will take God away from our lives, and our ability to be free and individual and personally accountable for our actions. We must not vote for people who want to force their views on us.

God does not force his views on us. He allows us to decide for ourselves, and if we make bad decisions then we are held accountable. The government does force it's views on us, and it often makes excuses for us when we do bad, "It was society's fault."

Hitler tried to destroy religion. and he went to the extreme. He persecuted Jews. He persecurted those who worshiped Jesus or had faith. He started out as a religious man and turned into something totally defunct. He started a national radio station, and he lectured people over the radio. No discenting voices were heard. People were brainwashed. Those who were not brainwashed had no choice but to keep their mouths shut.

Hitler took away the right to pray in school. He replaced crosses with pictures of Hitler and the Swastika. He believed in political education where he brainwashed kids into believing that they knew better than their parents. Their parents are old fogies, and that they should listen to the word of Hitler instead. He has your best interests in hand.

What we learned from Hitler is we must never forget. We must never let these kinds of people rule our nation. Yet progressives are doing the same thing in the U.S., yet on a smaller scale. They are preaching to kids in schools. They are replacing school prayer.

Heck, even on Obama's website he is preaching to kids to not listen to your parents. Al Gore lectured kids in one school that they should listen to him, and not their parents. That he has their best interest in hand. Their parents are old fogies. That's not his exact wording, yet that was his intent.

Progressives say he was Christian adn that was why he did what he did, and used this as an example of why Christianity must Go. The truth, the history of it, is that Hitler was a progressive. He was a socialist. He beleived he knew what was best for people.

In a way, communism is worse than Nazi-ism and socialism. It's worse because the Nazi movement was known to everyone. Everyone knew how bad Hitler was. Yet communist states like Russia kept what they were doing secret. Stalin killed many who believed in God, and he locked many in jail for worshiping, and nobody knew about it. Not even his own people.

The same with progressivism in America. Those who talked about it were said to be conspiracy theorists. The only difference between progressivism in America and Communism in Rushia is in Rushia these theorists were beaten and killed, and therefore no one was willing to come out and talk about it for fear they would be beaten or killed.

In America we believe in devine providence, or you make decisions based on yoru rights . It's not a conspiracy, it's the truth. In America, we do not attempt to control you. Except progerssives have been trying for years to do this.

Again, progressives don't like religion, don't like our Constitution as it is, because it encourages individualism, Capitalism, God and principles. In our Faith, there is a God, and we'll have to answer to Him. He gets pissy, and the best way to keep him happy is to serve him. Best way to serve him is to serve your fellow man. This equals individualism, capitalism, and divine providence.

We have to learn correct principles and then man will manage and govern himself, solve his own problems, and such. Progressives want to decide for us what is good and what is bad. This is how they want to create their ideal, utopian society. And God is in the way.

And that's the truth about Separation of Church and State.

The way out of the way we are going is by divine providence. We need to believe in God. We need to have faith. The Bible means capitalism, and capitalism equates to increased opportunity, more money, incerased donations to charitable causes, and a better economy, and then a happier people.

Libertarians believe we should have smallest government as possible, and this is what the founders beleived in. The only way our freedoms can be taken away is by government action, and therefore the government should be a last resort, not a first resort.

Libertarians believe that you teach kids principles, and let them make the right decision. At some point you have to let them go and to make mistakes and mature as an individual. By protecting them, by making decisions for them, we only hurt them, and we hurt our nation.

The first problem here in the U.S. is we lost our ability to prioritize. We need to put faith in God as a priority. Everything else will fall into place. More on prioritizing next week.

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