Monday, March 14, 2011

Progressives believe America cause of world probs

Why is it that there is a moratorium on America regarding because of public safety and for the safety of the government, yet at the same time our government funds such drilling in other nations such as Mexico.

This is a hypocracy that I don't understand. Actually, I think the moratorium has nothing to do with safety, nor the environment. It has to do with the fact that progressives, Obama included, believe America has an unfair advantage.

They believe America got rich and arrogant at the expense of other nations. So the moratorium is their attempt, his attempt, to punish America, to cut America down to size, and to create a level playing field.

Again, this might not make sense to average Americans. Yet if you understand progressives it does make sense. They believe in creating an equal world, where everyone is equal. Since America is wealthier than the rest of the world, there are two choices to remedy the problem:
  1. Take from the Rich (the U.S.) and give to the poor (or poor nations)
  2. Punish the Rich (the U.S.) and bring them down to the size of the poor nations

They believe if you have lots of money, other people will have none. They believe that if we are using all the oil, we are doing it at the expense of others. They believe in the zero sum game.

Yet they are mistaken. There is enough money to go around for everyone. Likewise, there is enough oil to go around for everyone.

Thus, if the poor, or poor nations, want to get a piece of the pie, all they have to do is go out and reach for it. They need to create a democracy and a capitalistic society, and they can have it. Of course the Bible teaches capitalism, and most poor nations are not God fearing. That's why Muslim nations tend to be totolitarian and not capitalistic. That's why Muslim nations are poor.

Obama is an anti colonialist. This is the same reason Iraq can have nukes and America can't. They think that if America has nuclear weapons, if Israel has nukes, and other nations don't, then America, and Israel, have an unfair advantage.

So to remedy the problem there is two options:

  1. To allow other nations to get nukes. Rushia did this by teaching the Iran how to make nukes and helping them build a nuke plant.
  2. Punish America. Take nukes away from America and Israel

America is the cause of the world problems due to American exceptionalism, individualism, and capitalism. So they believe to solve the worlds problems is to take away American oil supply, decerase our nuclear stockpiles, and loan money to foreign nations that we took advantage of.

Yes that's correct. The reason other countries are poor is because of America. We are the blame for poor nations. It's not because they are totolitarian or socialist or communist, it's because of American exceptionalism.

Yes, the U.S. must pay a price. And that is what progressives like Obama think.

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