Saturday, June 4, 2011

Capitalism can save the earth

I don't have a problem with the global warming theory.  The problem I have is with some of the people who believe in global warming and the techniques they use to force it on everyone else.

The three problems I see are this:

1.  They treat global warming as a religion as opposed to the theory it is

When I refer to global warming I generally say things like, "Yes, this could be blamed on the global warming theory." Yet many who believe in global warming treat it as a proven fact. Slightly greater than 50 percent of scientists have yet to see enough evidence to convince them. However, we should all take this theory seriously and make common sense decisions to keep the planet safe and the air clean.

2.  They place saving the planet ahead of helping people.

I had a patient the other day with no health insurance.  She was sick with asthma because she couldn't afford to purchase her asthma inhalers, which all went up in price because the old CFC propellant was phased out.  This opened a door for old asthma inhalers that were only $10 a pop to be marketed again as new inhalers and receive new patents.  The result is the inhalers now costs $40-50 a pop instead of $10.  The people who most need the help are being hurt the most by global warming believers who put the planet before people.

Regulations to cut back on emissions into the air have forced many businesses to buy equipment they cannot afford, and the result is either higher prices, fewer hired workers (higher unemployment) or many businesses simply going out of business.  A good example is right here in Shoreline where one small, family owned business has a ship sail out into Lake Michigan that uses coal.  A Michigan initiative was made a few years back to phase out these ships.  So either they have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a new ship, or they will have to give 500 people pink slips.

3.  They blame every natural disaster on global warming

If you wait long enough you'll find someone who will blame it on global warming.  The temperatures are cooler than normal this year, and I just got done listening to a friend of mine blame it on global warming.  Last year the temperatures were hot, and it was because of global warming.  The tornado's in Massachusetts were blamed on global warming.  Last year when the temperature was cooler we had more hurricanes than normal, and it was blamed on global warming.  We had tsunamis and they were blamed on global warming. 

I could go on.  Yet I find that it's not possible that all these things could possibly be the result of global warming.  The reason is because there have been natural disasters since the beginning of time.  Should we go back now and blame Noah's flood on global warming?  How about the great flood that created the Great Lakes?  I think a better approach would be to let scientists do the work, let meteorologists think, and lets not assume everything is because of global warming.

In conclusion:  To finish this post off I'd like to reiterate that we all should take this global warming theory seriously, yet we must use common sense approaches to make the world better.  Let the free market solve this problem, because it's only by the free market that innovations come.  We can find many examples of this just by reading the history of the United States. 

The government will never solve this problem, as government intervention only results in making goods and services unaffordable, and this results in more sick, more unemployed, more impoverished, and fewer minds looking for the right answers.

To blame everything on global warming is, in my view, the lazy approach.  We need to be responsible, and we need to take measures to get free and creative minds thinking of positive based approaches to come up with a more powerful battery to operate machines and vehicles, and a fuel that is earth friendly.

I know this is possible because when the government has stood out of the way in the past, when capitalism has been free and clear to work, people have an incentive to save, to invest, and to invent. 

When Americans needed the cotton gin, it was invented.

When Americans needed a faster way to travel, the car was transformed into a Ford.

When Ford needed faster production to keep up with demand, he invented the assembly line.

When electricity became available, capitalism gave edison the incentive to invent the light bulb, the refrigerator was invented to preserve food, an electric drill was invented to help dentists keep our teeth free of bacteria, and the list goes on and on.  When Americans have an incentive, when capitalism is allowed to work full force, people invent things.

Thus, it's capitalism that's needed to save the earth.


Dion said...

Did you sleep through 2008 and miss the bailout of capitalism? We got to see first hand how unregulated capitalism plays out for the economy. Deregulation and tax cuts don't bring prosperity to a country. A vibrant working class earning a living wage is the backbone of a healthy economy. Wall St smoke and mirrors doesn't feed a middle class family.

I guess before capitalism saves us, we'll need to continue lending it our money at zero % interest so they can lend back to us at a profit. The too big to fail banks are bigger now than when capitalism collapsed under its own weight in '08. Go figure.

I have a problem when people can't embrace science, but hold religious dogma with certitude.

People shouldn't get their science from the Heritage Foundation, Rush Limbaugh, or any of the assorted cast of characters that comprise the Right-wing info bubble

"Slightly greater than 50 percent of scientists have yet to see enough evidence to convince them."

I'm not sure where you got the above tidbit of misinformation, but in the world of reality, 97% of the climate scientists from around the globe support the scientific consensus that climate change is man-made and CO2 and other anthropogenic gases are the reason.

Where is a peer reviewed study that proves man-made climate change is a falsehood? Name one. You can't. One doesn't exist. If it did the media would play it on loop for weeks.

Rick Frea said...

I think people should get their information from a variety of sources, which is why I'm a proponent of the free and open press. I don't think it's a good idea to tell people what they should and shouldn't read.

Rick Frea said...

Actually, I truly respect your opinion. Yet I believe the problems of our country are the result of man-made tinkering of both parties, and not capitalism.

A good example is giving loans to people who coudn't afford them and then blaming capitalism when the system failed.

Dion said...

"A good example is giving loans to people who coudn't afford them and then blaming capitalism when the system failed."

It wasn't the bad loans that sank the floating casino. It was stamping the bad loans as AAA rated financial instruments and selling them off as such to unsuspecting investors from America and the entire world.

Rick Frea said...

Thanks for reading my post and stating your opinion. It's good to hear an opposing view.