Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Statist solution plays on fear

I have learned through the course of time that liberals tend to be more progressive than republicans, and the progressive tends to want to move away from the individual rights of man the founders believed in and more toward a state controlled government. Since this is true, progressives tend to be statists.

The problem with creating a statist government in the United States are two fold:
  1. The U.S. Constitution makes it hard to create change
  2. American Tradition
Due to these two reasons, it has been impossible for the progressives to make rapid change in the U.S. as they have in other nations such as over in Europe. Europe's history is of kings and queens and dictatorship, and that is not far removed from a statist society.

Plus in Europe many dictators of the past, such as Hitler and Stalin succeeded to some degree at getting rid of religion in Europe, and religion is the key for individualists because it preaches capitalism. And religion is the antithesis of the statist government, because the goal of the statist is to create an "equal" society where their is justice and equality for all.

In other words, the statist wants social justice, which is another word for one of the isms of society: socialism, marxism, leninism, liberalism, progressivism and the like.

So, since it is very difficult to make change in America, progressives have absolved themselves to taking baby steps, where they get what they can get and then try to make it bigger as time goes by. You can see the evolution take place starting with Teddy Roosevelt, growing quite well under Woodrow Wilson and FDR, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Clinton and now Obama. Actually, even George W. Bush had a role in the evolution of progressivism with his unwillingness to veto any programs, and his advancing the welfare state by creating a prescription drug program for the elderly.

Yet I digress. One of the main ways to implement change is to get people to ask for it. And the way to do that is to make people not confident with what they have. The best way in the U.S. to make people not happy is to make them poor. The best way to make people poor is in one of two ways:
  1. To make it hard to get a job
  2. To make them dependent on the government
Keynesian economics is the key here. While conservatives will tell you over and over again that Keynesian economics has never worked and never will. Liberals who use it will tell you it is working. These same liberals will portray a picture of themselves as "feeling for the needs of people." Yet at the same time they are happy because a dissolute people will come crawling to them -- the statist -- for change.

Obamacare is a good example. Progressives knew they weren't going to be able to make the change to a universal and perfect healthcare system in one swell swoop. So they got what they could get with a democrat controlled Washington, and they made it so the healthcare system would fall apart.

They made it so that insurance companies would have to pay for dependents until they are 28, and they made it so insurance companies had to pay for people with pre-existing conditions, and this resulted in increased health insurance premiums. So some businesses and individuals are already dropping health insurance because they can't pay for it.

Likewise, progressives are driving up the cost of healthcare by giving it away for free. Supply and demand will have it as demand increases and supply stays the same price will go up. Scared to live without health insurance in todays high priced health care market, many people will come begging for the statist healthcare program, which is universal healthcare.

Another good example is Keynesian economics itself. Herbert Hoover used Keynesian economics when he raised taxes during a recession, and this resulted in people who create jobs hoarding money and not investing in new business ventures and not hiring new workers. This resulted in a worsening of the recession into a depression.

FDR put Keynesian economics on steroids, and he made it so the unemployment rate was in the high 20s for most of his term in office. To give the appearance that this was not intentional, FDR created state jobs. State jobs make the unemployment numbers decrease, that is until the state jobs expire. So that's why when Keynesian economics is used, you'll see spikes where unemployment goes down. Usually these are right before an election.

Yet with an intentionally prolonged depression, FDR used this "fear" as a means of passing his progressive agenda. The same as Obama. He used the recession as a means of passing HIS progressive agenda. It's baby steps. And it's feeding on the fears of the people.

Progressives know that the best way to get their programs passed is to create a problem. Then when the system collapses and the people are desperate for a solution, progressives know they have the progressive statist solution in the waiting.

Progressives do care for the people. FDR was and Obama is concerned for the citizens. That is why the fear and dissolution they are creating in society is for their own good, because in the end the goal is a Utopian society where the government is everything to everyone.

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