Thursday, December 8, 2011

Obama is right: Americans are lazy?

Obama gave several speeches lately in which he blamed the Internet and ATMs for high unemployment, said the rich people are unfair, Americans are lazy and America has never worked.

Surely Obama sounds like a Socialist.  Yet he's also wrong.  Here's why:

1.  The Internet:  It's responsible for the creation of millions of jobs including a hobby I never would have if not for the Internet.
2.  Lazy:  If it weren't for lazy people nothing would ever get invented.  And who invented more stuff over the last 100 years than Americans?
3.  Fairness:  It's not fair that 52% of Americans don't pay taxes
4.  America has never worked:  Then why are we the leader in the industrialized world?  Why do we have the worlds greatest economy?  Why are we the champions of freedom?  Why do we have the longest lasting Constitution?

It's interesting that someone who has succeeded in this country could have such a thwarted view of it.

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Josh said...

Concise. I enjoyed it.