Monday, January 23, 2012

Who's the best Republican of the four left standing?

Last Friday Rush Limbaugh asked his audience what they learned from the last two presidential debates. He likewise asked if those debates changed any minds*.

The general consensus was that many minds were changed.  Yet Rush said he got something out of those debates that no one else did, yet he said he wasn't going to reveal what it was until the end of the segment.

Well, after the segment he decided not to tell us.  Yet I know what it was. I know what Rush didn't want to tell us.  I watched those debates, and I remember thinking as I listened to the four candidates speak was this:  "I love every thing I'm hearing." 

That's it.  Even when the candidates disagreed, and even when they said opposing viewpoints, I felt satisfied with what they were saying.  It was like I was hearing one correct answer after another.  I felt as though I were in an ideal America where both candidates love their country as opposed to one who loves his country and another pent on destroying it.  

At the end of the last NC debate Gingrich, Romney and Paul had a chance to make closing arguments, and then it was up to Santorum.  I remember thinking, "Now how can he top what was already said.  Even the other guys said things like, 'I agree with so and so.'"

Yet Santorum did.  He said something that brought the goose flesh out.  He made me feel as though I were falling in love all over again.  I'm not saying I'm going to vote for Santorum over the other candidates, yet what I am saying is I know what Rush decided not to tell his audience.  

He was thinking:  It doesn't matter who I vote for.  Any one of these guys will make a good president.  Every of those guys will be able to get this country on the right tract.  It doesn't matter who you vote for.  I love all these guys."

*Limbaugh, Rush, "Open Line Friday:  Have the Last Two Debates Changes Your Mind?" The Rush Limbaugh Show, January, 20, 2012

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