Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prince Fielder will be welcome in Detroit

Detroit Tiger Prince Fielder
I'm pumped!!!!  Detroit Tigers General Manager Dave Dumbrowsky once again stuns the baseball world by signing a HUGE star.  This time t's Prince Fielder to a whopping $200 million contract for nine seasons.  I'm literally pumped. 

"The Tiger's are going to frickin ROCK!!!" wrote one Tiger fan at ESPN.com.  Surely this is reason to get pumped, yet this could also pose some problems for the Tigers. 

Okay, first the good:

1.  A power bat behing Cabrerra makes Cabrerra even better
2.  This could launch the Tigers deep into the playoffs
3.  A power bat behind Cabrerra
4.  The best offense in the American League
5.  The Yankees, Redsox and Rangers signed... who????

Okay, now down to earth.  Here's some reasons to worry?

1.  Prince's dad started to wear down in his 30s
2.  Prince has a bad temper, so hopefully this doesn't wear on the clubhouse morale
3.  Prince is 170 pounds, so how long can he last
4.  He will hit fewer homers in Detroit's pitcher friendly park
5.  The Tigers will have to pay him $23 million a year even if he hits a $1.25

Regardless, I'm pumped.  Tiger fans have a reason to feel good, at least for the moment.

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