Wednesday, February 15, 2012

American Exceptionalism

America IS exceptional.  We were the first nation to win our freedom and provide for our people a free spirit and individualism never before seen on such a scale. 

We owe our freedom to the following:
  • The signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776
  • The winning of the War of Independence over Britain
  • The signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787
These accomplishments unleashed the people of the United States to live their lives anyway they wanted, so long as they don't trample on the freedoms of other people.  It unleashed the free market and capitalism, and showed how mighty a nation can become without the straps of government holding it's people down.

We are exceptional because we are a republic and our people are free. We are not arrogant, we are enjoying the rewards of that freedom. People know they can come to America with nothing and have an equal opportunity to better their lives as any other person, as I described here.  
American exceptionalism does not mean we are superior to other nations, it simply means we are a symbol, or a champion, for freedom.  We are a champion for how great life can be if you free yourself from the chains of government.  

We are a mighty nation, and our people are happy, and our economy is great, and our military is great,  because of freedom.  All people are born free, and only a government can take that freedom away.  Americans are guaranteed their freedom.  

We have a laissez-faire attitude because we are free.  We have a great economy because of capitalism, which is only possible because of freedom.  In this way Americans are free to run our companies without the chains of government, and this has unleashed the mighty American economy.

Yet there are those who see American exceptionalism as arrogance, and it's those same people who  want to take it away from us.  Yet exceptionalism must not be confused for arrogance.  

Just by looking at any history book, and even the recent history book in the Middle East, you can see that because of America many people now live in freedom.

Some people in some nations see materialism and a great military as America being arrogant and condescending, and a bully to the rest of the world.  Yet this is unfortunate and untrue, because Americans do not see themselves as better than any one person, or any nation.  We see ourselves as equals.

Yet we also want to show off our great military to prevent other people from trying to take away our freedom.  We likewise want to show off the rewards of our freedom -- our economy, our military, our materialism -- in an effort to show others what they can have if they are free.

Some dictators misinform their people about freedom, yet in today's world it's hard not to see how wonderful life can be when free. It's hard not to want it for yourself. So you can have what Americans have. That's not arrogance, it's not misinformation, it's a fact.  It's freedom.

Some people within our own nation have bought into the notion that American exceptionalism is akin to arrogance and condescension and materialism and a bully.  It's these same progressives who aim to tame America and make it no better than any other nation.  They apologize for American exceptionalism instead of helping us champion and spread freedom throughout the rest of the world.

Yes it is true: freedom and republicanism breed exceptionalism.  Americans want to show the rest of the world that by unleashing the chains of government that they too can reap the rewards of freedom.  

The battle to maintain our American exceptionalism has never changed.  Our forefathers knew on the day they signed the Declaration of Independence the difficulties of obtaining and maintaining a free nation.  Many will be jealous and envious and want to take it away, even people from within by insidious means

This is why it's important to continue the fight, and why it's important for Americans to continue to be the leaders of the free world; to continue to be exceptional, and to not apologize for being exceptional.  We must prevent these progressives from changing the documents that unleashed the free spirit that is American Exceptionalism.  

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