Thursday, February 16, 2012

Can teachers raise kids better than parents?

One of the many things discussed by the founding fathers was in order for a nation to succeed its people had to be educated.  So they made it a top priority to assure that kids received an education.  Yet the task was handled by the states.  They believed the states already had governments, so it wasn't up to the Federal government to educate

Yet this changed over time.  By the 1960s state funded and private schools were on the decline because the Federal government was offering free schooling.  This was good in a way because it offered free schooling to families who ordinarily couldn't afford it.

Yet it's bad because it made it so many parents -- like myself -- had no choice but to send their kids to free public schools, and this is because to compete with public schools the cost of private schools has skyrocketed.

The question is:  can public schools provide the same or better education than private or charter schools?  I'm sure in some cases that's the case.  I think local schools where I live to a pretty good job.  Yet in many cases, schools are failing kids.  In Detroit 50 percent of kids don't graduate, and many who do can't read.

Now we have the head of the Debbie Squires, director of Michigan Elementary and Middle Schools Principals Association, telling Michigan Congressmen at a Michigan House Education Committee  the following:
[Educators] are the people who know best about how to serve children, that’s not necessarily true of an individual resident.  I‘m not saying they don’t want the best for their children, but they may not know what actually is best from an education standpoint
(You can see the video feed here)

This is the kind of arrogance that provides me with my greatest fear of the public school system.  I'm afraid my kids are going to go to school and become brainwashed into believing things I don't believe in.  It's for this reason I wonder if it might be worth the cost to send my kids to a private school that teaches values I know I'll believe in.

I'm afraid my kids will be taught global warming is a fact, while it's only a theory.  I'm afraid my kids will be taught the rich ought to pay their fair share of taxes so all Americans have a "fair shot at making a living."

I don't care if my kids are taught about other viewpoints, yet I think it should be done in a way where both sides are shown and the child can decide.  Kids should not be nudged one way or another.

For example, kids should be taught about evolution and natural design, and they can decide.  They can be taught about supply side economics and Keynesian economics and allowed to decide for themselves which is best.

When my kid comes home and says that humans are destroying the earth, this worries me.  I'm worried because I believe our technology and modern wisdom of the environment is making the world better and safer.

Bottom line:  I don't want my kids to be brainwashed by people like Debbie Squires.  Thoughts?

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