Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What are the qualifications to be U.S. Supreme Court Justice?

How is it that people are chosen to be supreme court justices.  I thought it would be best to start out by saying what are not qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice:
  1. Your ability to relate to the human element
  2. Your understanding of the economy
  3. Your understanding of natural rights
  4. Your ability to write
  5. Your political affiliation
  6. Your religion
  7. Your opinion about abortion
  8. Your opinion about the death penalty
  9. Your medical record
  10. Your age
  11. Your weight
  12. Your ability to relate with any one demographic
  13. Empathy for the human element
None of these things are relevant.  None of these are qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice.  You can be a liberal, you can be a conservative, you can be a Catholic or an atheist, you can be homosexual or bisexual or transsexual or divorced or married or green or sick or thin or fat or muscular or a weakling.  It doesn't matter.  None of these things matter.  Or they shouldn't matter.  

The only qualification to be a Supreme Court Justice for the United States of America is to respect, protect and honor the Constitution of the United States of America.  That's it.  

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