Thursday, November 22, 2012

Detroit Tiger's 2012 Lineup pontentiality


So, Elvis Andrus is not out of the picture, as the Rangers are considering moving him to 2nd.  So now we have the following lineup:

1.  CF Austin Jackson
2.  RF Torri Hunter
3.  3B Miguel Cabrerra
4.  1B Prince Fielder
5.  DH Victor Martinez
6.  C. Alex Avilla
7.  LF. Andy Dirks/ SS Stephen Drew
8.  2B Omar Infante
9.  SS. Stephen Drew/ LF Quentin Berry/ LF Ivisail Garcia

Yes, I still see Parelta being traded, either for another SS or pitching.  I also think the Tigers might try to ship Porcello out for either relief pitching or a SS.  I like Parelta, but I think his offense is a dime a dozen, and any other SS can produce that.  We need someone who has range at SS.

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