Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Major League Baseball Offseason

There's been quite a few moves since the pathetic Giants beat the Tigers in the World Series.  Sorry if you don't like me saying that about the Giants, but I'm a BIG Tiger fan, have been since 1982.

1.  Angels:  They look pretty scary up the middle.  Question is whether Pujoles and Hamilton can continue to produce at advancing ages (they are both over 30), and stay healthy (Hamilton has been on the DL a lot)

2.  Tigers:  They did what they had to do in signing Anabel Sanchez, even though it was an ouch on the pocket book and a mighty risk.  But the Tigers also have Victor Martinez back this year, and that's equivalent to a BIG free agent pickup.  They are a career year by any player not batting 1-5 away from a world series victory.  If the career year comes from Jonny Parelta, that would shut me up, considering I've asked the Tigers to replace this popular but "average hitting" shortstop with someone who has the range to field between 1st and 3rd base.

3.  Bluejays:  They made some major moves and brought in an entirely new team.  It kind of reminds me of the 1997 Marlins who did the same.  Yes I think they are serious contenders now, and we'll have to wait and see if they have all the right pieces.  Can Encarnencion have another productive year?

4.  Mets:  I think they made the right move trading Dickey, because it's rare for a 38 year old to have a Cy Young year and repeat.  Dickey will be a good pitcher in 2013, but he will not be THAT good.  The Jays gave up a lot to get him, to the Mets benefit.

5.  Yankees:  They are a holey team (i.e. a team with a lot of holes) for a team that is being forced to pay a luxury tax.  I think it's time for a fire sale and a fresh start.  It would not take too many years for a team like the Yankees to retool.  The reason they haven't done this already is aging placers who are still getting paid like Cabrerra and Verlander.  

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