Friday, December 21, 2012

Disarming citizens and a nation is dangerous

I do not own a gun.  I never have owned a gun.  I have no intent on ever owning a gun.  Yet there are enough people who do own guns that if some people get their way, and guns are banned, and people are forced by the government to turn in their guns, there will be a public outcry.

Think about it.  There are more people in the U.S. who own guns that who drink alcohol, so the outcry will be far worse than what occurred during prohibition.  There's no way the government would be able to enforce any such laws.  If I owned a gun, Lord knows I'd keep it and would not tell the government.  So tax me!

Just think about this.  If guns are so dangerous, and guns cause people to cause harm with those guns, then why is it you never hear about gun murders at Muzzle Loader clubs?  Why don't you hear about murders in places that are heavily armed with guns?  The answer is because people know if they shoot at a person they'll have their head blown off.

My point here is that guns don't kill, pathetic excuses for human beings -- those rare breed of humans -- are the ones who kill.  There was one school massacre where where the gunner killed one person before he was shot and killed by an armed person.  At most schools, where the killer knows no one is armed, he has nothing to fear.

The same theme goes with nations.  Many people are calling for the U.S. to give up it's nuclear weapons.  These people think that lack of arms, and lack of nukes, will result in world peace.  Yet the exact opposite will occur, and history proves this.  Where there are no arms, bad guys have no one to stop them.  They have no incentive to be good.

Evil, terrorizing nations, and Lord we know there are many, will have no reason not to terrorize the United States.  If the U.S. has no weapons, who will there be to stop them.  And it's for this reason that these ideas to de-arm the U.S.. are frivolous and dangerous.  So stop it!

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