Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My stance on abortion

In my last post I described the pro choice argument, or at least my wife's argument.  She's not necessarily pro choice, although she tends to support some of the arguments.  I usually don't argue with her point of view, because my view on abortion sort of differs even from my own Catholic faith.  When it comes to abortion, I am a Constitutionalist.

By that I mean that when it comes to abortion I believe that no person is God.  None of us has the ability of knowing when life begins.  So my personal view on abortion may simply be that life starts at birth.  Yet who am I to tell you what to do with your body.  If you want to kill your baby, I'm powerless to stop you.  I could, however, make a law.

And that is where my stance on abortion is.  I'm a catholic, and personally I tend to lean more pro choice, although, considering there has never been a law on the subject, and considering abortion is not covered in the Constitution, then it should be left to the states to decide.  That, I believe, should have been the stance of the Rowe - W - Wade decision.

When the 1972 decision came down abortion was legal in some states and illegal in others.  I think the fight should be put up at this level.  And, if it had been, there wouldn't be the public outcry.

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