Sunday, December 9, 2012

I hope Obama succeeds

Yeah, you heard that right.  I hope he succeeds.  I hope the republicans cave and allow the tax cuts to be extended in exchange for tax hikes for the people who create all the jobs.  I think the only way for people to realize now that liberalism/socialism is a failing proposition (never has succeeded) is to finally let socialism set in in this nation.  I hope they tax people as much as possible.  I hope they even raise taxes on the rich to 75 percent.  I hope they tax corporations up the wazoo.  I hope they tax capital gains.  I hope Obama care goes into effect, and all the new taxes (the penalty for those businesses who decide not to pay for health insurance for their workers is a tax) go into effect.  I hope they create so many regulations that it costs so much money to open a new business no one will want to open a new business.  And those who are forced to do all these regulations will be forced to close shop or move shop to another nation.  Taxes and regulations will be so high businesses that exist will have no incentive to invent nor to invest nor to expand.  No new jobs will be created.  Jobs will be lost.  Unemployment will skyrocket.  America will default on it's debt, because there's no way the government can keep spending this way if it has no workers to tax.  Then all the people Obama paid off with free stuff (like Obama phones and healthcare) will start crying, and they'lll protest in the streets like they're doing in France.  And then all the people who voted for Obama can see first hand what kind of effect liberalism has on the country.  They will see for themselves how many jobs are not created.  They will see for themselves how many corporations move to China where corporate taxes are manageable, and regulations are minimal.  They will see for themsevles how poorly government manages money.  And worse, they will see for themselves how the only thing that can take away freedom is the government.  They will see that once the government is paying for their healthcare, the government will want to do whatever is needed to keep costs down.  So it will make laws with the intent of keeping you healthy.  Although, in truth, there is no way to take the risk out of life.  Even healthy people who don't smoke, or drink and who exercise daily get cancer.  The government will regulate how much salt you can put in your body, and mandate that you lose weight.  You will no longer be allowed to drink.  You will no longer be allowed to eat McDonalds of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  And then there will be a public outcry.  There will be a public outcry because because the people who voted for Obama will wonder what happened to their country and their freedom.  They will wonder why the U.S. crashed and joined the New World Order.  They will wonder this, and have no idea it was their vote in 2012.  Yes, I hope Obama Succeeds.  Yet I hope those folks who voted for Obama come to their senses long before the New World Order comes into play.  I pray.  I pray to God.  Yet I do think that the only way for people to see how bad liberalislm is for this nation is to see it in full flight. 

What's funny is after I wrote this (my posts are usually set to be time scheduled after I write them) Senator Rand Paul said, "We should let Dems raise taxes and then let them own it."

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