Sunday, December 2, 2012

My view on abortion

I wrote a great post on this blog a few years back that brilliantly explained my stance on abortion, and now I can't find it.  I know I wrote it because I remember trying to get my wife to read it.  Abortion is one thing I think we don't really see eye to eye on, although it's not something we have any major arguments about.  Once you read my opinion you'll understand why.

My wife is not necessarily pro choice, although she says she doesn't think it's right to tell a woman she can't have an abortion, especially when the dad is a rapist or some other evil, wicked person.  She also doesn't think a person should be stopped from having an abortion when a pregnancy is going wrong, and the kid would be born without a normally functioning body.

She believes, and I truly respect her belief, that if a woman has five healthy kids and now she's pregnant with a sixth kid that would be mentally retarded, or at least severely retarded, for example, that this would put a major strain not just on the mother, but the other children.  This kid would be so demanding for the parents, that it would mean less attention to the other kids.  So my wife believes it might be in the best interest of this woman to get an abortion for the better of her family.

She says that most abortions are performed by people who are too young, inexperienced in life, sometimes even plain stupid, in poverty, and these are people who shouldn't be having kids anyway.  To have the kid you are just going to give birth to another person who will be a burden on the government.  You will just be giving birth to another kid who will be a burden on the parents.  You will be giving birth to another kid with a high risk of being a criminal.  And, my wife says, she personally wouldn't abort any kid, but she doesn't feel she has the right to tell someone else they can't.  Or at least for the reasons listed here.

She had a friend who got pregnant by this guy who came from a family with a criminal background.  The guy was simply an evil person.  She said, "Could you imagine raising that guys kid.  Every time you looked at him you'd see the evil his dad did.  And what are the chances that kid would grow up being just like his dad?  I simply couldn't tell that poor girl that she can't have an abortion."

I don't argue with my wife's argument.  I simply listen to it.  Responding to it is what I do here on this blog.  In real life, I try to just listen.  Well, that's something I'm told I'm not the best at, but I contend its because I'm a thinker.  So now, what are my thoughts on the above argument? What are my thoughts on my wife's stance on abortion?

There was a progressive woman who lived in the early 20th century who was explained well by the book Liberal Fascism.  She was a progressive, and she believed that mentally retarded kids should be euthanized.  She believed women who came from impoverished areas of the United States should be encouraged to be euthanized, and this was her way of controlling the poverty rate. Retarded kids should be euthanized.  Those with mental disorders should be euthanized. 

Planned parenthood has most of their abortion clinics in impoverished areas of the United States, and most of these are in poor black neighborhoods.  Of course these could be so located because these are the high abortion rate areas, but it could also be so located in an attempt by the government to control the poverty rate.  Yet if this is true, it's not been successful.

Regardless, I have one question to people who are pro choice:  At what point does a fetus become a human?

I ask this question and I have never had anyone give me a good answer.  Basically, if you are pro choice the way my wife describes, then you are playing the role of God. So if you are playing God, then you have to decide when it's abortion and when it's killing.  You see, I wouldn't want to be in that position.

Is it abortion until the end of the first trimester, second trimester, or until birth?  Is it abortion until the baby gets a heart beat?  Is is abortion until the kid starts kicking?

The Supreme Court during the Row-V-Wade decision somehow decided on three months.  For the first three months it's okay to have an abortion, and after that it's killing.  It appears the Supreme Court plucked this out of a hat.  They just made it up.  They made it up even though there never was a Federal law made regarding abortion.  Un-elected judges made a law, based on what?

I can understand either argument here.  Personally, I'm thankful that my wife gave birth to four healthy kids.  If we had a child in there that would have been born without a brain, I can't say I would have been against her decision to abort.  I think raising normal, healthy kids is stressful enough.  Yet, then again, life is life. To abort life is to denegrate the sanctity of life. 

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