Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Obamacare to result in socialized medicine

The Reagan Coalition published the following.  I have to say it's no surprise to me, and something I warned about years ago on my blog. 

Obamacare: No More Insurance for New Hires at Walmart

From Inquisitr:
Obamacare has just made the situation worse for new hires.Walmart, the world’s largest retailer and America’s largest employer has announced that they will stop offering health insurance to new hires.  Walmart is blaming the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) for the decision to deny healthcare to their newest employees.
If an employer has a worker that receives insurance through Medicare than their employer has to pay a fine.  The fine is substantially less than the cost of health care for the worker.
Conservatives are arguing that this provision is where President Obama and Congress are trying to take over healthcare.  By making the fine cheaper than providing healthcare to their employees it will force all of those employees who are of limited means into a government program.
Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.com/articles/2012/20121203006-walmart-insurance.html#JcbRruqPzTqQlZXE.99

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