Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Advice for GOP running in 2013

So the New York Times gave Obama the man of the year award because he catered to the low information voters and got them to vote for him.  These are the people who watch E! Entertainment news and get the gossip, and only get interested in politics the day of the election, and vote for whomever is the most popular. 

So for republicans to win in 2013, they will have to cater to the low information voters.  The key to doing this is to figure out how Obama did it. And the way he did it was to use effective sound bites.  He, or his people, always speak in platitudes and sound bites.  You have to use the media and social medial to your advantage with speaking in these sound bites.  

You have to remember that these people get bored with economics. They get bored with the truth.  They get bored with history. They live for now.  They have attention spans that last 15 seconds.  If you want to get to them, you have to make your point with a sound bit, with platitudes, and you have to do it fast.  You have to be pithy.  

You have to use platitudes and catch phrases and sound bits and you have to be pithy and you have to use them to stop using them and move on to the next catch phrase just before people start to get sick of them; or start to get nauseated by them; or the left starts to catch on.  

You do not have to make sense in these catch phrases.  You do not have to state facts.  You do not have to state how you will do what you say you want to do.  All that is important is that you state something that will make people happy; make them feel good. 

The following are some examples used by Obama to cater to the low information voters:

  • The rich don't pay enough taxes (most low information voters are not rich)
  • Its not fair that the rich make more money than the average person (again)
  • If the rich have all the money, what happens to the rest of us? (again)
  • We need to tax the 1% in order to buy you Obama phones or cars (again)
  • A friend of mine told me that Romney hasn't paid taxes in 15 years.
Republicans will have to use catch phrases like the following: 
  • The poor don't pay taxes; that's not fair (noj, because that insults low informatino voters)
  • A rising tide lifts all ships (yes, because it's optomistic.  But what is it?)
  • Tax cuts generate more revenue to the government (ah, we're on to something)
  • Obama is a socialist (people know socialism is bad)
  • Obama wants to take your money and give it to the poor and tell you how to spend it
  • Obama doesn't want you to keep the money YOU make
See?  And it has to be the candidates who say this stuff, not just people like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.  It has to be people like Romney when he was running, or Rick Santorum.  

There was one candidate who did this, and he was Newt Gingrich.  The only problem with Newt was his background was flawed.  Another candidate who did this was Donald Trump.  But Donald's background was flawed.  We need to have a conservative candidate, with good communication skills, who's not afraid to use little quick good sounding fast acting sound bites that the media can pick up on. (and even the liberal media can't hide all the catch phrases, if they are used enough). 

You have to realize that low information does not mean stupid, and it does not mean you don't care.  It just means that it's too much work, too much effort, and too much time involved in learning about the economy and stuff like that.  They don't know what budgets are.  They don't know what progressive taxes are.  They have no clue about socialism and capitalism.  They don't know what the true definition of air is.

 They think fair is "paying your pair share." The don't think the opposite, "47% don't pay taxes, that's not fair."  That's a catch phrase Romney used, and it went sour.  The next republican has to come up with catch phrases, talking points, whatever, that cater to people who are too lazy to learn about what makes their own country tick.  

Republicans often say, "Well, the founding fathers would do this or that."  Well, low information voters probably don't understand this.  They might know about Jefferson and Washington, but they don't know about the Thomas Jefferson/ John Adams letters.  They don't know about what these guys thought, and what they did to make this country.  

To cater to the low information voters you have to cater to feelings and real people, as opposed to theories, ideas, and facts. So we have four years to come up with some quick good sounding sound bites.  

Of course a major problem here is when a liberal says something the liberal media thinks sounds good, they repeat it adnauseum.  When a conservative says something that might catch on, the media doesn't use it.  If Obama says something to embarrass Romney, the media will repeat it.  If Romney says something embarrassing to Obama, the media won't repeat it.  

But, as we know, Reagan and Bush weren't afraid of the media, and they both won.  We can win in 2013 too. 

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