Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We are Americans!!!!

One thing I wish about politics is if we could cater to all Americans as a whole, as opposed to groups of Americans.  The last few presidential elections have been all about catering to women, catering to Mexican Americans, catering to white men, catering to blacks, catering to gays, catering to the low informed voter (you know, those people who get interested in politics only on the last day, and then get back to E! Entertainment so they can learn the latest gossip on Madonna.), catering to the rich, catering to the poor, catering to businessmen, catering to Jimmy Buffet.    I wish a person would run for president and cater to all Americans.  We are a united country, and all this division is making us feel divided.  We tax one group at 75%, another at 50%, another at 30%, and 51% don't even pay taxes (so why would they even care about where tax money goes?).  I would like someone to say: STOP! We are not a divided nation.  We are United.  We aren't women, men, blacks, whites, gays, Mexican Americans, Rich, poor, middle class and old and young:  WE ARE AMERICANS!  WE ARE ONE!

I think it's time to stop the class warfare, and that goes for both parties (or all six parties if you include the green party, constitutionalists, originalists, libertarians, peanut butter party, etc.)  

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