Thursday, January 31, 2013

Letters about politics

Dear Brother: 

I love a good political discussion. Kind of like dad and Mike at the cabin, and wrap it up with "I love you man."  I think they are healthy (political discussions, that is).  And, yes, I have on many occasions changed my mind on certain things, but never core principles.  It's funny that my wife and I have had some good heated discussion on politics lately, and the funny thing is that we even argue on things we agree on.  I've never been one to agree with the old saying, "Never discuss politics and religion."  I test my ideas on my patients all the time, and I've had many great, brilliant, awesome discussions.  That's one of the neat things about my job is I get to become pretty good at what I can say and I can't say to different people, because I meet all types.  My favorite thing about my job is when I leave the room, stand by the door, and hear one old lady or guy say to the other, "That is a really neat guy!"  

Dear John:

You know why you enjoy debating this stuff?  Cause you're intelligent and informed and know a great deal about what you are discussing.  When I give a presentation at work, as long as I know my material, I actually look forward to it.

Be it lack of time or lack of interest, politics just don't do it for me, so I guess I just have to rely on blind faith.  I concentrate more on the things I understand and can control (I'm not saying "we" can't do anything about the issues you point out, but "I" can not - because it's all mostly over my head)  It hurts my brain to think about it.

Dear Brother:

I used to feel that way about politics.  I remember debating with my college buddies, and I would think that what they were saying just didn't make sense, and I told them that, and they'd tell me I was an idiot.  They would say, "just look in the Detroit Free Press.  There's an editorial that proves what we just said."  Of course back then there was no Internet, and only 3 news stations all based out of New York,and 2 newspapers out of new york that had the same political views of my friends .  So there was no way for me to travel to a library 30 miles away to prove them wrong.  So when I was finished with college I decided to educate myself. That's when I decided I needed to learn more.  So I decided I am nothing: not a democrat nor a republican.  I read liberal, conservative, libertarian, etc. books, magazines, etc.   That's how I formed my opinion.  Trust me Tony, I get many conservatives who get irritated with my opinions too.  I got David mad (which doesn't take much) because I said Rick Santorum is just as bad as liberals because he wants to force his conservative views on us just as much as liberals want to force their views on us.  They both want to ignore the constitution.  They can't.  The constitution is etched in stone for a reason, because it protects the rights we are all born with (like freedom, the right to breathe, the right to have sex with who we want, the right to eat, the right to be smart or stupid, etc).  I know this stuff can be boring to many people, and difficult, and I think that is where our schools fail our kids.  This is the kind of stuff that should be taught in schools.  They should show every side.  They should talk about global warming, and also the other side. They should teach liberal views, and also conservative, libertarian, and the peanut butter ferries views.  They should teach about God and other religions.  Then they should let the kids decide.  Instead they don't teach any of it, and when it comes to voting most people are clueless and just vote for the person who is the most popular.  I didn't want to be that guy.  Yes, surely, my opinions could be wrong.  Yet at least they are well founded.  That's how I'm able to comfortably participate in a debate.  And like I said, a good debate in the arena of ideas is great.  That's how minds are changed, and Lord knows I am open minded and smart enough that I have changed my mind before.  Yet if we don't have these discussions, people will continue to vote based on no information.  And that, I think, is bad.  Thoughts? Or am I babbling too much? I think I get this way because I need mental stimulation because all I do is watch Barney and Dora all day.  Save me.  Save me.  Save me.  

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