Saturday, January 5, 2013

My opinion about steroids and baseball hall of fame

Okay, I was a chump during the 1980s, and I knew people in my high school were taking steroids.  I can name them all right now.  So you can't tell me that the media didn't know major league baseball players were taking steroids in the 1980s.

You can't tell me that they didn't suspect Jose Conseco took steroids, when he was hitting line drives that barely went over the head of the short stop that were going for home runs.

So where was the outcry about steroids when major league baseball players started hitting home runs in 1987.  Some blamed it on juiced up baseballs.  But we all knew it was steroids.  And we also know people didn't care.  The media didn't care.  We loved it.  The media loved it.  Heck, the media profited on it.

Major League Baseball had to know about it too, and it didn't do anything.  MLB didn't care because it was good for the game.  So, bottom line, no one cared.

So, for a young player coming up, if he wanted to compete with the big guys who were juicing it up and hitting home runs and stealing bases at a record pace, they had to juice too.  And now, thirty years later, we won't elect these people to the hall of fame.  This is hypocrisy.

Personally, I think steroids should have been banned years ago, but they weren't.  And because they weren't Bonds and McGuire bombed homeruns and we all enjoyed it.  And so I think it's poppycock that people now say these guys shouldn't be allowed in the Hall of Fame.

Can you imagine a hall without some of the best ball players in it.  Can you imagine a hall without the best home run hitters of all time on it.  Can you imagine a hall without Clemons and Bonds.  McGuire I can see not getting to the hall, as he was a one dimensional player.  But Clemons and Bonds were elite all the way around, even before they doped.

The steroid era is what it is.  Doping created records that will never be broken by undoped people of the future.  But to keep dopers out of the hall because we all of a sudden see doping as bad, is idiocy.  Doping was equally bad when it was being done, and no one said a thing.  So let these dopers into the hall.

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