Sunday, January 6, 2013

An update on the political landscape

Dear Rick:

It's been about 4 months since I mentioned ignorant voters destroying our country with a little story to elaborate the concept but I have a simple follow up to that previous email and again I ask you to give response and debate if you disagree.  I try hard not let this stuff bother me but seeing our country and future for our children being totally destroyed is so hard to ignore if you even care about people.
My wife told me on facebook most of her friends said vote for Obama instead of Romney because Romney will cut our food stamps.
That's it. 
The next generation is voting for the freebies even though they will eventually need to pay for them with interest not realizing.
In 15 years our children will see 50% of the taxes they pay not benefiting the poor or for services from the government but to service the national debt.  In 15 years half of all government revenues will be just to pay the interest on the national debt.  
Democrats win the debate in the country by demonizing the rich and claiming the rich need to pay their fare share.  That ignorant argument is destroying this country.  Obviously, if the rich get richer they need to higher more people to sell the product or service they produce to create that wealth.  They will have more income to tax and generate more opportunity for others they employ and pay more in taxes simply by having more income to tax.   That simple statement is fact and not understood by democrats.  A larger tax base not a larger tax rate is what will generate more government revenues.  In other words, economic growth is the key to increasing government revenues not higher tax rates.
Even if Obama got all his tax increases as he wants it would be enough money to run the government for 9 days a year assuming the GNP wouldn't be lower as a result of the tax increases.  In other words, this would be a drop in the bucket to the real problem of spending being out of control.
Obama and Democrats refuse to cut spending on anything at any time.  They call anyone that cares about the future of our country as wanting to throw Grandma over the cliff or hating children.  They win the debate with their prejudice against people who work hard and produce results that help people..  You don't get rich unless you provide a product or service that improves the lives of the people that you sell your product or service to.
I just have a hard time not caring about our children enough to not care about our country they will inherit.  Each child born today is $80,000 in debt at birth.  Come on, what does it take to get a balance budget amendment.  Why do Democrats oppose something so sensible that would be so good for our children?

Love:  Your brother

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