Monday, January 7, 2013

The state of politics today: part II

Dear brothers:

They are buying votes on the backs of the next generation and like how they blamed Bush for the housing bubble crisis started by the Clinton administration and forced on the banks by Barny Frank and the finance commitee they will blame the republicans when the debt bubble implodes.  The propoganda game they play is how dictators like Castro stay in power for decades.  Most people don't even realize what they are voting for because they are uneducated voters basing their vote on brain washed hatred of the people that earn a living.
Ask any libral that blames Bush for the housing crisis what Bush did to cause it.  Gaurantee they can't answer the question.  They use hatred of Republicans or prejiduce of people that think different to get followers, not facts or presidence.  It's hard to win any election and save our country when truth has less to do with winning the vote than hate speaches the Democrats are so good at.  If a Republican talks about slowing the growth in spending to preserve our social programs for the next generation because he cares about people the Democrats will say he hates children and wants to throw grandma over the cliff and that hate speach propoganda wins the debate with so many ignorant voters being brain washed by that hate speach propoganda that goes unchallanged by the media.

Love: your brother #1

Dear brothers:

Totally Agree,
The Liberals (Democratic Party was hijacked by the Liberals) have taken power by buying votes and building huge dept. To be fair, in the last 80 years we have only lived within our means just 4 years. But in the last 4 years it has been insane. I have been yelling that we are the most selfish generation in US history from the roof tops but no one hears. Future generations will spit on our graves because of how selfish we our..... stealing from them. Obama and his fellow Liberals can only have one goal, bankrupt America and get rid of that annoying constitution. There can not be another reason. They must see what they are doing is suicide for our country. The Republicans just did it again, they compromised with the devil adding another 4 Trillion to our National Debt. I have given up, there is nothing more we can do. Yes, I will vote for the conservative but I am now a minority. Brace ourselves for a huge impact. Get out of debt. If we get a loan make sure it is fixed rate. Store food and learn to live without electricity (very expensive). People in past generations have died so future generations could live great. Out generation is selfish and sucking the future out of the kids.

Lover idiot brother #2

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