Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Proof Obama hates America

When I say that Obama wants to downgrade America so that we are on the same terms as other developed nations, my liberal friends tell me I'm nuts.  However, I offer proof.

If Obama truly wants to build up our country, and make it stronger, then why does he...

  1. Constantly make efforts to downsize our military
  2. Keep raising or threatening to raise taxes during a recession when this is the proven antithesis to economic boom
  3. Create more and more regulations that make it difficult for companies to expand or even start
  4. Create programs (like health care) that risk destroying our economy
  5. Keep apologizing to our enemies
  6. Support efforts to take away our best means of protecting our freedoms (our guns)
  7. Support efforts to take away our only means of preventing government tyranny (our guns)

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