Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Socialism has failed every time it's been tried

A lot of frustrating things happened in  2012 that it appears we have little control over.  I wanted the Tigers to win the world series, and they lost.  I wanted, figured, Romney would beat the socialist, and Romney lost.  It was just one of those years, one disappointment after another. 

Many of my friends are bound and determined that I am being unfair to their president.  They say that I'm being mean and ignorant when I put him down.  I say:
 "I am not putting your president down.  I have never heard one republican say Obama is stupid, because if he were he wouldn't be president.  You can't endure years of riducule from half the world and be stupid.  What I criticize is his socialism.  Socialism has failed every time it's ever been tried.  And, of all the predictions I can make that I know will come true, is that if Obama continues his socialism the way he is, the recession will still be on when he leaves office.  Socialism has never ended a recession.  Socialism has never created jobs.  Socialism does not give people an incentive to save and invest.  Socialism does not put food in peoples tables because socialism has failed every time it's been tried."
It's true.  I've been saying it for years.  I have never seen socialism every succeed.  It failed in Cuba.  It failed in Italy.  It failed in Russia.  It failed France.  It failed California.  It failed Massachusettes.  It is failing New York.  It will fail the United States. 

FDR was a socialist, and he never ended the Great Depression.  The Great Depression never ended until he was out of office.  This is why it is quite certain tha Obama will likewise fail.  He has succeeded in becoming President, but his policies will fail.  I know this because you cannot inspire an economic recovery by raising taxes, pissing off half the nation by forcing healthcare and taking threatening to take away our guns, and inspire people to save and invest.

You cannot get rich people inspired about investing in new business and creating new jobs when they are afraid that there taxes might go up tomorrow.  It simply will not happen.  If there's one prediction that I know will come true, it's that Obama will fail.  I assure you he will.  I will mark this post.  I will republish this when my prediction comes true.  I will gloat. 

No, I do not want America to fail.  Obama has complete and total control of Washington, so if there is ever a chance for liberals to prove that socialilsm works, now is the time.  If after eight years Obama is still blaming Bush, you'll know I was right about one thing. 

Quote Margrette Thatcher:  "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of the other guy's money."

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