Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Church cannnot change just for you

Many people don't want to be a part of the Catholic Church because it won't modernize.  Every Pope that's ever existed has never given up on any of the same old, conservative Catholic principles.  Popes, unlike some republicans, do not cave to pressure. 

Surely the Church could stand to make some changes, such as I believe the Church should allow women into the papacy. But I also think the Church could do this and not give on principle. 

I do not, however, think the Church itself should change just to keep younger people going to Church.  When younger people age and realize they want to be a part of the Church, the Church will be there, unscaved and unhurt.  When poeple get hurt, the Church never does.  Surely there will be a scandal from time to time, but the Church is what it is. 

Note, that I am all for women in the papacy, but I don't want the Church to cave on principle.  So listen to this passage from a feminist protestor who stood outside the Vatican as the new Pope was introduced:
Yes. I mean, that's my dream as a child, is to see a woman out there on the altar. Um, when it comes to women's issues, when it comes to the sex-abuse crisis, um, when it comes to LGTB issues, reproductive health care, the church really needs to be transparent and open and welcome women's voices into those issues.
She also said:
 I do not practice now. I'm ecumenical, and I'm not alone. Many people I know who were raised Catholic no longer attend Mass and many aren't raising their children Catholic, either, when it's because of the sex scandal, the church's views on women, perhaps it's openness to other ideas like homosexuality. I bet there are a lot of people who might return to the church if it changed. After tonight's celebrations are over, the big question will be whether Pope Francis will be (dramatic pause) that change.
She doesn't just want the Church to ad women, she wants the church to ad women and change principle.  I'm not for that at all.  She wants the Church to change ist's views on LGTB, which, by the way, stands for Lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual.  Other woments issues are reproductive health care, sex abuse, and women's voices. 

She believes the Church is way behind on those things. The church has gotta modernize, otherwise this woman doesn't want anything to do with it -- and that's what she ought to do! If the church is not to her liking, go somewhere else. It's not her job to go in there and make the church fit herself.

She has different political beliefs as the Church, and so she believes the Church should change just to cater to her beliefs.  The church should not have to change because of the political beliefs of some of its members.  If it did that, it would be twisted, inconsistent, and would soon become irrelivent (which may be what some people want.)

But the church is gonna have to do something to get them back. That's not how it works. Not with religion. Not with religion. That's not how this works. That's not how Christianity works.  That's not how Catholism works.  These things cannot change just to cater to a certain audience.  Jesus does not change.  Jesus will never change.  What Jesus stands for will never change.  If you don't accept Jesus, if you don't accpet what he is, then you cannot come into the Church. 

To quote Cardina Dolen, the new archbishob of New York:
Doctrine can't change. So to use the word "doctrinal changes" for a Catholic is almost an oxymoron. There are things that a pope can change that would not be doctrine, but more matters of church discipline. Priestly celibacy is not a doctrine of the church; it's a discipline of the church. Do I expect him to change it? No. Could he change? Yes. Possible, yes. Probable, no. But there's that distinction. Ordination of women, that's a doctrinal thing. That's not discipline.
They don't change the doctrine. That's the key. It's not up to debate. There is no consensus here. The church believes things. If you don't, then don't go. This is what orthodoxy is. And orthodoxy is certainty, certitude.

Yet if you decide to enter, the Church is always here for you.  Jesus will always be here for you, if you so choose to accept him into your life.  But he's not going to change for you, you have to change for the Church. 

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