Sunday, July 14, 2013

What is the definition of "backwoods"

So I had this conversation with a guy from a liberalized city.  Of course I basically describe things the way I normally do around guys, and he gets offended.  Now, he doesn't tell me this, he tells his wife, who in turn tells my wife.  He says of me and my wife: "You guys are back woods."

I ran this term through my liberal lexicon:  "Not liberalized yet."  

My wife said, "He said you said something sexist."

"What do you mean sexist?"

"You know."

"So what's his definition of sexist?" I ask. 

"I don't know," she said.  "He just thinks we are backwoods."  

So once my wife told me he said that, I knew right away what he meant by sexist: that I used the term "women."  

You see, a pure liberal doesn't views all people as equals.  A "backwoods" person like me knows that's not true and not even possible.  A pure liberal believes that it's wrong to have men's sports or women's sports.  A "backwoods" person knows that men and women are built unique, and are not equal.  Women can be of equal intelligence, but they think, behave, and have unique physical builds.  In essence, they can compete in the arena of ideas, but not in the arena of sports (in most cases).

To a "backwoods," i.e. "conservative" person like me there is nothing sexist about that last sentence, it's just that way nature, or God, made us.  But to a pure liberal, who indeed does not believe in God, it's sexist.  So you can see that I can be sexist according to a liberal without even saying anything derogatory about women (or men if you're a woman).  

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