Thursday, July 18, 2013

The backwoods man: The confidentiality thing

To go along with what I wrote yesterday, I believe that men who are "backwoods" (i.e., not liberals yet) believe that a discussion between a man and a man should remain confidential (i.e., kept secret; not told to the wife).  And the vise verse is true true.

I mean think about it.  A man is having trouble with his marriage, so he confided in another man.  He realizes the other man has the same issue with his wife.  Both men feel better.  They also feel secure knowing their discussion, whatever it was, will forever stay confidential.

The liberal man, on the other hand, may feel this way.  However, the truly conformed liberal will have no need to seek such confidence, as all problems should be out in the open.  Discussions, like on Soap operas, should be on the spot and in public.  There are not secrets.  Problems are solved on the spot.

Personally, this is conducive to conflict.  Most men, I believe, want to keep the peace, and keep their marriages.  Liberals, however, believe if you are not happy you should just leave your wife.  Thus, they don't care about the sanctity of marriage.

If you don't want a baby, you should just kill it, according to the liberal.  So if you are stressed about having a baby, you should end the problem right there by aborting it.  A "backwoods" family would struggle with the secret, and deal with it long term.  This, in essence, IMO, brings out better character in the end.

But, this is what I think.  If you choose to raise your kids another way, so be it.  But liberals don't believe you should have the option.  So they classify more traditional folks -- the backwoods folks -- as backwoods (or not normal, or not liberalized yet).  They want you to conform to the new way of living; to their way.  If you haven't, it's their job to label you (i.e. as backwoods), and conform you.

Backwoods man:  To judge or not to judge

I don't judge people.  I don't because I know life is hard.  You have some people who choose to raise their kids under god, and those who choose to raise their kids not under god. Personally I think my way of raising kids under God is proven to work, although not perfect.  Yet I would not judge a family for choosing to raise their children under no God.

Truly, though, I think the evidence is on my side. In fact, I know it is.  Most of the things we consider unfashionable today, such as abortion, random sex partners, etc., were considered normal in ancient Greece.   Men prepared for war were encouraged, at night, to sneak out and rape women.  They were encouraged to do this, and not to be caught.  Those who succeeded were heralded.  Those who were caught were punished.

A problem with this was that sexual disease and crime ran rampant in ancient Greece. For this reason, the Jews decided to encourage morals and virtues through their monotheistic God.  They encouraged their boys to respect women, and to encourage them to have their children.  In this way, there was still crime and still disease, but it was a far lesser problem than in ancient Greece and other similar societies.

Men and women, thousands of years ago, realized that something was needed to keep kids on the straight and narrow, that simple parenting was not enough.  That is why they encouraged God and, when Christians came around, the Bible.  The Bible, thus, teaches morality, virtues, principles, good behavior, respect, consciousness, etc. The Bible created a voice in the back of a child's head that says: "Stop! Behave yourself."

If you think you can raise your kids better than Christians can, then so be it.  I know for a fact that I have not mastered the skill of parenting, even using a technique mastered thousands of years ago.  If you think you have a better way, so be it.  I will not judge you.  Although, I must say, every study I have ever seen on the subject has supported my view, that Christianity is far more conducive to raising productive members of society than any other religion (including the religion of atheism).

I am in no way here trying to judge, nor criticize, nor condemn, nor offend people with opposing view: I'm just saying this because it's true.

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