Friday, December 13, 2013

The Lorax (liberals) want everyone to be poor

So everyone wants to end the world of poverty. And what is the antithesis of poverty?  It's wealth.  So why is it that half the population talks so bad about wealth?  What is it about wealth that's so bad.

It's more that the left believes that there's only so much to go around.  There's only so many trees, so much oil, and so much money.  They believe if one person gets rich he does so at the expense of all the other people.  If one man has a million bucks, then a million people have no bucks.

That's the whole premise of liberalism.  They live in this world where they believe everything has limits.  And that was the whole premise of progressive movies like the Lorax.  One man, the Oncler, gets rich making thneeds from trees he chops down.  Yet he gets rich at the cost of chopping down all the trees in the world.

The goal of the movie was to make rich people look greedy and selfish.  The goal of the movie was to brainwash kids into thinking that rich is bad; that when people get rich other people suffer.  Yet it's all one big fallacy.  It's one big lie.

There is enough money in the world so that every person could become something; every person could get rich. But because of the liberal fallacy that every thing has its limits, they hate rich people.  All rich people are bad guys (unless they are liberals supporting liberal causes).

So liberals want to make it so no one ever gets rich.  Liberalism is based on making every person poor.  They want us to all be the same: poor.  They say they want to help the poor, but the truth is they want to make us all poor.  That's the premise of liberalism.  That's the premise of the Lorax.

Lorax is pseudonym for liberalism.  Liberalism a pseudonym for socialism-progressivism-communism.  The Lorax, thus, is a perfect film that shows why one must not support liberalism, which is the antithesis of success.

A perfect real life example is the war on poverty.  Liberals waged this war in the 1960s.  People bought into it because everyone wants to end poverty.  What liberals didn't say was their true mission wasn't to end poverty at all, but expand it.  And this is exactly what they did.

Liberals do not want people to succeed in life.  Liberals do not want wealth.  If you are wealthy, you are greedy and selfish.  You are, in essence, the Oncler; you are conservative.  You are bad. You are the antithesis what the Lorax stands for: success.

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