Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A handcuffed government can create nothing

Do you know that in the time it took to pass Obamacare to today, the Obama administration has spent $600 million just advertising the website that isn't even working yet, and may never be.  Did you know that in that same amount of time, our country won WWII on other people's soil.  During that time we built bridges, planes, and even invented nuclear power.  

What appears to have happened is that our government has made itself so huge that it has handcuffed itself.  It passes a law meant to create things that are not even possible other than in the Utopia world of liberal minds, and then it spends so much time and money trying to make it work only to find out what we knew all along: that it can't work.  

Oil companies can't do anything because of regulations. Factories can't can't expand because of regulations. Potential new business owners stay at their current jobs because they can't afford to pay for all the regulations.  The government can't even run itself because there are so many regulations they can't even keep track of them all.  It's a disaster.  It's not sustainable.  

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