Saturday, November 16, 2013

So, why won't Obama sign the Upton bill?

Now let me get this straight.  Obama has made an executive order not to enforce the law he just signed in 2010 that will cause millions of people to lose their insurance.  By not enforcing the law, these people will be able to keep their insurances, illegally I might add, for one more year.

But, Congress passes the Upton law, which will basically do the same thing Obama's executive order will do, only it will make it a law, and therefore legal.  If the Upton law is signed, then people can legally keep their plans for one more year.  So why won't Obama sign it?

There is obviously an agenda here.  It's simply to keep democrats from voting with republicans, as they threatened to do, if Obama doesn't do anything about people losing their insurance.  But all along, the goal of Obamacare was FOR people to lose their insurance, and then come crawling to the government demanding Universal Healthcare.

That's the whole purpose of Obamacare.  I mean, I knew this all along, but so many people are shocked that this is happening.  I'm not.  In fact, I predicted this very thing would happen even before Obamacare was a pipe dream.

Obama doesn't want to sign the Upton bill because if he did, the law would change.  And that would change the whole scheme of Obamacare.  By his executive order he is ending the immediate crisis, and he is hoping that after a year people will have forgotten about it, people will loser their insurances and be signed on to Obamacare,

He's hoping by then things will work out the way he planned they would.  I mean, he knew about 20 million Americans would lose their healthcare so that 40 million could get theirs. Only problem is that Obama didn't think people would be smart enough to figure it out.  Only thing was, Obama had too much faith in government working.  If government worked the way figured it would, there would be no problem.

Actually, if government worked as well as Obama thought it would, he wouldn't have had to lie in order to get this hurry-up-and-get-something-passed-even-if-it's-junk-law passed.  If he would have told the truth, the law never would have held muster, and never would have been passed. The entire essence of this bill is that Obama had to lie to the people in order to convince them to support it.

Now people are realizing his lie, and it's too late.  Well, people like me and you knew all along that it would fail, because we don't have faith in government.  We have faith in people.  So that's why Obama won't sign the bill that does the same thing his executive order does. Yeah! Yeah!

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