Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ignoring the law is what dictators do

Does Obama think he's a Dictator? It appears that is the case with his latest declaration to democrats in Congress that "I will act with or without Congress."  He said if Congress is deadlocked on key issues, he will use his made up executive authority to ignore the constitution and get his way regardless.

That, my friends, is what dictators do.

Obama used to be a constitutional lawyer, so he knows how to get around the constitution, something liberals need to find a way to skirt around in order to force their unpopular agenda on the people.

One of the unique things about the U.S. Constitution is it is the only one that tells the government what it cannot do, and therefore impedes upon people like Obama who have an unpopular agenda.  The only way to get their way is to force it on the people by executive order that does not exist.

Liberals don't want people to have individual liberties and freedoms, they want to take those away and just let you think you do.

So now you have Obama saying: "I don't care about republicans in Congress.  I don't care about the law.  If they don't give me what I want then I'm going to force it on people with my phone and my pen."

That is exactly what dictators do.  That is exactly what the U.S. Constitution was meant to prevent.  Like a dictator, Obama doesn't care about the law, because the law is nothing but an impediment to him getting what he wants.

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