Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is the mainstream media?

Mainstream Media

Conservative: Satellites for the Democratic National Committee. If you go home at the end of the day after having been out of touch, you'll turn on your TV and you'll find out what a bunch of mean-spirited extremist enemies Obama has, and they all happen to be Republicans and they all happen to have talk shows.

Every day, all you get is a never-ending effort to eliminate all Obama opposition -- and not, by the way, in the arena of ideas. They do it by way of smear. Defamation. Slander. As they did with Romney in the presidential campaign. As they did repeatedly with George W. Bush. A liberal can compare George Bush with Nazis, and it's fine. 

But if the opposite occurs, the media will be all over it like flies on manure. You turn on the news and you learn that you're the problem!" A guy gets home at the end of the day, turns on the NBC Nightly News, CBS News tonight, ABC, whatever, and guess what he finds out? He's the problem. 

And our brave, courageous, young president is doing everything he can to take out people like you and make sure that you don't provide any more opposition. A guy gets home at the end of the day and finds out after a shooting massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, that the NRA is the problem, the modern incarnation of Hitler. 

It's not news anymore, and these people aren't journalists. They're political activists disguised as journalists 

Liberal: Puppeteers of the accurate news of the happened during the course of the hours you were at work.

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