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Defending the U.S. Constitution is not doom and gloom!!!!

So I'm having a respectful discussion with my cool bros.  I basically defended the Constitution and some of my bros agree with me and others disagree.

Either way, we have fun with this and none of us gets upset and calls the other liars and that sort of stuff.  We walk away happy, and hug and kiss and stuff like that.  Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

The discussion started when I said Obama's February 28, 2014, speech was scary.  I wrote the following: 
Whether you agree with my political views or not, if you read this you will understand exactly why I fear Obama as our President. You can agree or disagree (and I encourage you to disagree), but this pithy post pretty much hits the nail on the head.
P.S. I love Glenn Beck
The discussion got off subject, and I won't put any of that stuff on here, as little of it is relevant nor appropriate for this blog.  At some point I wrote the following:
For Obama, and others like him, the Constitution is not a document to be revered, it’s an obstacle to overcome. And his administration has been very creative in devising new ways to bypass it. Any laws passed should be done by following the constitution and the rule of law, not by ignoring it. And I don't care who the president is, nor what he wants to make law
One of my bros said Obama lied in his speech.  Then I wrote:
Anyway, I started this discussion after a coworker of mine told me I was doom and gloom for saying that Obama has no respect for the U.S. Constitution. My response was: "So when did defending the Constitution become doom and gloom?"

She got all mad at me and stomped off into the distance. We are good friends and all, but she has no facts to back up her argument, so she gets all mad and started calling me a liar. It's like liberalism is a religion to her. If you disprove her liberalism, you disprove her religion. It's too bad.

Just like dad and Mac, we hug and make up and be happy and get along thereafter. But, still, it's a sad affair. I have had this happen so many times now with different liberals, that I consider the debate won as soon as the liberal gets all mad and angry. It used to bother me, but now it makes me feel happy.

Ultimately, though, the result of someone like that getting angry is it makes it so no one wants to discuss politics with them anymore. That, to me, is too bad. I admire anyone who jumps into the arena and can hold it together. Life, to me, gets boring and pointless if all you participate in is small talk. IMO.
One of my bros said that Obama basically lied in his speech, telling us he was going to do things and then not giving us the facts.  I'd put that comment here, but I can't seem to find it.  To this, and to my emails, Bro #5 (of whom I truly love and respect) says the following:
Well... Obama was was giving a speech. it was a pep rally - not a fully documented report. Of course he's going to leave out a lot of the facts. Did JFK say "We're going to Land on the moon - though... it'll cost trillions - and likely a few lives along the way..." ?  (good argument he makes here by the way)

(Now to me he wrote this) Your coworker was right. You are all doom and gloom. You've made a hobby out of looking for anything negative about Obama and Democrats since the day you heard his name. You're never going to persuade anyone with that tone - and I'm not sure what good can come from it.

I respect your passion for politics. I just wish you were a little.... nicer about it. Then I might actually listen to what you're saying.
Since this is my blog, I win.  I wrote the following:
I respectfully disagree with you, Bro #5.   Since when did defending the U.S. Constitution become doom and gloom? It has nothing to do with liberal, and nothing to do with democrat. If you read my blog you will see I have criticized republicans just as often as anyone else. I don't care if you're a republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, libertarian, or a member of the peanut butter ferry party, if a person leading our country has no respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, he or she is a scary person. Read what Obama said in his speech. It is a direct defiance to the Constitution and the rule of law:
"I'm eager to work with all of you," Obama said, "But if America does not stand still, and neither will I. So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that's what I'm gonna do."
Basically what he's saying is "I'm gonna break the law." Could you imagine if Bush said that, all hell would have broken loose. Obama says it to cheers. It's scary.
No. I am not doom and gloom. What's gloomy and scary is all these politicians who have no regards for the Constitution.
Think of it this way. In high school a bully came up to me and started a fight. I defended myself. The teacher came along and got me in to trouble. The bully got off Scott free because she did not see (was blind) to what he did. Obama right now is the bully, and the Constitution is the one getting picked on, and people are blind to what he is doing. He is such a good speaker that people are fooled.
I'm just defending the Constitution, because it's that constitution that make our county exceptional
So, when does defending the Constitution become doom and gloom? It did on January, 27, 2014, while Obama was giving a speech. I will mark that day on my Calandar as Mr. Beck said (I changes some of the wording here so it's appropriate for this blog).
Well, no one wins this argument.  But I think it's one of the most important arguments we can be having in today's world.  Our Constitution is the best document ever written, and what's scary to me is people sit idly by while our leaders trample on it.  Perhaps it's time we get that old logo out that said: "Don't Tread on me!" 

Regardless, people shouldn't be afraid to discuss opinions, and definitely not afraid to defend the Constitution. It's impossible to have such a discussion without one person thinking the other is negative.  That's just the way arguments go.  If we didn't have such discussions, no progress would ever come; no minds would ever be changed.

And that, by the way, is how you get progress done, by changing minds.  Good intentions don't result in progress, unless you convince people that they are truly good intentions.  The way to do that is by having discussions in the arena of ideas, which is what we are doing here. You don't do it by forcing your good intentions on the people, as Obama said he will do.  That's not what Presidents do, and that's why Obama has been nick named "The Imperial President."

If we don't defend our Constitution, it will become an impotent document.  If it goes, so does our freedom.  Discussions like this can and will only make us smarter.  

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