My expertise is respiratory therapy, and for writing about medicine I use RT Cave.  I reserve Freadom Nation as a station to write about anything other than medicine.  Other than the lungs, my interests are politics, philosophy, history, God, family and values. 

There's so much going on in the world all at once it's hard to keep things straight in your own mind, and that's why I created this blog.  It's an excuse for me to study topics of interest, and to write about what I learned. 
I love it when my readers agree with me, and I accept the challenge from other POVs.

If do choose to debate me -- and I humbly accept the challenge -- please abide by the rules of debating, which I will list below:

The only way to make progress in this world we must debate; there is no way around it. To have a successful debate or discussion in the arena of ideas, we must stick to the issue at hand, and not sway from topic to topic.

It is also important that you do not attack people on a personal basis. Neither should you attack the person you are debating, nor the person responsible for the topic of discussion (i.e. President Bush, Ted Kennedy).

It must be noted here that most liberals view conservative thought as a lie, and the opposite is true of conservatives. This need not be mentioned in the debate.

Likewise, there is no way you can possibly know if someone is lying; only God knows what people are thinking. When someone becomes angry in a debate, or starts spewing vitriol and personal attacks, that person has lost the debate. So don't tell me Obama is a liar unless you have the facts to back it up.

Sticking to these simple rules will keep the debate on the issues, and should result in an educational experience. You may even change your mind on an issue or two, I have and probably will again thanks to you.

It's fine to become mad, but one should never become depressed because someone argues a ridiculous point-of view. Remember: IF YOU SHOW YOUR ANGER, YOU LOSE.
Any comments or questions please inquire within.