Philosophy, according to, is "the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct."

Getting through life:
Solving Problems:
Bible and History:
Inspiring stories:
  1. Old philosophy still rings true
  2. I think I think too much... I think
  3. Learning from old wisdom
  4. Keeping your priorities in the right order
  5. Wisdom from the ages
  6. A little philosophy: Ben Franklin's 13 subjects
  7. Why do we keep learning?
  1. One should not vote for party, but principle
  2. The media and thinkers are at odds
  3. It's easier to take the simple answer, than think
  4. Think for yourself when deciding who to vote for
  5. America will survive
  6. The conundrum of reading and writing
  7. Wisdoms of the son
  8. The greatest document ever signed
  9. A do nothing Congress is often good news
  10. Nickelodean shapes the minds of our children
  11. We all survived in a time before laws
  12. Debating in the arena of ideas
  13. Pinheads are bored and winners read
  14. I'm the idiot on the right who must be destroyed
  15. We must keep world opinion in perspective
  16. Cheating
  17. Choosing a president
  1. Great things come by change: part 1
  2. Great things come by change: part 2
  3. Great things come by change: part 3
  4. Great things come by change: part 4
  1. Grandma's quilt
  2. Learning how to parent from the best
  3. A world without TV