Lexicon #2

Political Lexicon #2:
These are terms that should be taught in the government run school system, but aren't. 

Paternalism:  The idea that government had the legitimate authority to stop adults from doing bad things, like smoking substances that politicians and bureaucrats do not approve of.

Freedom:  The right to make bad decisions -- like smoking cigarettes or marijuana -- that have negative health consequences so long as you don't violate the rights of others.

Truth: What is real and proven.

Lie:  Knowing and intentional violation of the truth.

Conundrum:  Not knowing the difference between the truth and a lie.

White lie:  knowing and intentional violation of the truth in a harmless manner.  A small lie.  Often necessary to serve a higher good, to avoid confusion, to prevent or postpone a crisis, or because telling a lie was easier under the circumstances than telling the truth

Critical:  Telling the truth

Funemployment:  The idea that unemployment is good because it allows a person time to spend with his family and do fun things he wouldn't be allowed to do if he was working.

Gotcha question:  Questions meant to get someone to admit to something they really don't believe. This is generally done in two parts: 1) Most members of your staff have quit 2) So how do you think you can manage a country if you can't manage a campaign. The assumption here is that you can't manage a country because you can't manage a campaign. It puts you on the defense. It's bad in that it lacks substance and is based on a fallacy. Another method is to ask two questions, or compare two questions, and assume the answer to question one is the same as for question two. The answer to question B is therefore a fallacy because it was formed based on unrelated information and assumptions. These types of questions disrupt and slow down flow of trying to find real solutions.

Loaded question:  Synonym: Leading question. A question based on an assumption and meant to trap someone into admitting to something he didn't do. An example is: So, What did you do after beating your wife to death?"

Narcissist politician An inordinate fascination with one's self; excessive self love; self centeredness; smugness; a politician who knows he right; It's basically the arrogant, all knowing, never wrong politician who finds that it's best to force his views on us whether we like it or not. It's for our own good

Moderating:  Caving

Success:  Liberals define success by how many people are on the government dole.  Conservatives define success my how many people don't rely on the government.  

Fair share:  A nice way of saying redistribution of wealth.  Example:  The rich need to pay their fair share of taxes.  

Political Correctness:  Censorship.  Preventing a person from saying or doing anything that might offend someone.  

Judicial Activism:  Rewriting law from the judicial bench.  It's interpreting laws based on your opinion and personal views rather than the laws presently at hand.  It's ignoring the Constitution. 

Judging:  Following the law.  Making sure laws are legal. 

Constitutionalist:  Someone sworn to protect and serve the Constitution, and thus the people of the United States.  It's the belief that those who write laws and judge laws are bound to the limitations set forth by the Constitution. 

Right to work:  You get a job without being forced to join a union. You can get a job without being forced to pay union dues. 

Unions:  Their main agenda is not about jobs, not about wages, and not about benefits.  They are about making sure every person working for the corporation has to join, and has to pay union dues.  The dues are therefore used to lobby liberal causes. 

Union duesA money laundering operation where money is taken from union workers and used to lobby liberal causes. 

Federalism:  Dividing power of government between the federal government and the states.  The 10th Amendment to the Constitution gives states the right to make laws regarding anything now mentioned in the Constitution.  The founding fathers believed this was essential to preserve the individual rights of the states and to prevent the federal government from treading on state rights.  This was essential to getting the Constitution passed, considering most states had differing laws regarding education, slavery, etc.  The states were unwilling to sign a constitution that would take away these rights.  Plus the founding fathers thought this was a good way to prevent the federal government from passing laws that created risky programs.  Instead, it made it so a state could instigate risky programs, such as healthcare, education, abortion, etc.  If successful, other states would copy.  If not successful, other states would not copy.  Likewise, if a state did something risky and failed, the other states could bail that state out.  If, on the other hand, the federal government created a program (like healthcare, social security, etc.) and it failed, the U.S. would have to resort to another country to bail them our, or... the U.S. would fail to be a nation.

Assault Weapon:  To conservatives: There's no such thing.  It's just a creation. It's nothing more than a name that Democrats and people on the left created to gin up anti-gun sentiment among people. But there really is no official classification of "assault weapon." It doesn't exist. What gun isn't an assault weapon? To liberals: A psychological creation to make people think guns are bad so they can gain sympathy and pass laws to get rid of the 2nd Amendment.  It's an attempted to gain a renewal of the assault weapons ban, universal background checks and prohibition of high-capacity magazine clips, etc.

Low information voters:  Independence; people who have no clue who the president and have an urge to vote because they "need to do their part."  They generally vote for the most popular person, and generally have no idea why.  They do not follow politics.  According to the New York Times in naming Obama the 2012 Man of the Year, "He won because he got the low information voters to vote for him. A low-information voter doesn't have enough information to know that he or she is in that community, so you can talk about them, even make fun of them, and they think you're talking about somebody else. Low-information, means you don't know, means you're not informed.  Some low-information don't care, to the extent that they care around election time every year, but other than that, it's TMZ and the E! Entertainment channel.   You know, uninformed is not low informed.  Uninformed is not they don't care to be informed. The low informed voter simply chooses to be informed about other things, like Claire Danes and what she did with Clinton after the Golden Globes.  Or Kim Kardashian's baby with Kanye.  I mean, they care more about that than they do the debt limit.

Executive orders:  Conservative:  A power the president has to take care of emergencies during times when Congress is not in session. Liberals:  Powers given to the president so, if he doesn't like something, can just "fix" it. But there is no such power granted to the president by the Constitution, and executive orders are not a way for the president to get around the Constitution. Elected officials come and go, but the Constitution does not change.  The president cannot just write a law that says, "I don't like the 2nd Amendment, so I'm gong to make my own law saying you can't have guns, and if you own a gun you must hand it in."  Executive orders does not give the president the authority to break the law.  If that were the case the president would be a dictator.  For a president to overrule the law by using executive powers, is an admittance that you don't have the votes to get a law passed. The president cannot make laws, he can only recommend laws and push for them.  Of course judges aren't supposed to make laws either, and they certainly do. 

MarriageThe legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.

Civil Unions:  A legal union of two friends. 

Gay Marriage:  All people are born with natural rights.  One natural right is the right to choose who we spend our time with.  One natural right is the right to choose who we marry.  It is not a natural right to tell other people who they can and cannot marry.  You don't have to agree with a person's lifestyle, yet you have no right to force other people to live the way the majority does.  So while this might surprise many of you, I believe gay people should have a right to marry if they so choose, and have all the benefits that go with marriage.  If the people of a state are adamantly opposed to "scarring" the institution of marriage, then I have no problem with some other method of allowing gay people the right to enter into some kind of union that allows them to share their assets.  

Gay rights:  Gay people have the same natural rights as anyone else.  See Gay Marriage.

Mainstream Media:  Conservative:  Satellites for the Democratic National Committee.  If you go home at the end of the day after having been out of touch, you'll turn on your TV and you'll find out what a bunch of mean-spirited extremist enemies Obama has, and they all happen to be Republicans and they all happen to have talk shows. Every day, all you get is a never-ending effort to eliminate all Obama opposition -- and not, by the way, in the arena of ideas. They do it by way of smear. Defamation. Slander. As they did with Romney in the presidential campaign. As they did repeatedly with George W. Bush. A liberal can compare George Bush with Nazis, and it's fine.  But if the opposite occurs, the media will be all over it like flies on manure. You turn on the news and you learn that you're the problem!" A guy gets home at the end of the day, turns on the NBC Nightly News, CBS News tonight, ABC, whatever, and guess what he finds out? He's the problem. And our brave, courageous, young president is doing everything he can to take out people like you and make sure that you don't provide any more opposition. A guy gets home at the end of the day and finds out after a shooting massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, that the NRA is the problem, the modern incarnation of Hitler. It's not news anymore, and these people aren't journalists. They're political activists disguised as journalists Liberal:  Puppeteers of the accurate news of the happened during the course of the hours you were at work.  

Civil rights act:  An act that would not have become law were it not for Republicans in the Senate. A greater percentage of Republicans in the Senate voted for the Civil Rights Act than did Democrats. J. William Fulbright -- a senator from Arkansas -- was a segregationist. He was opposed to the Civil Rights Act.  Algore Sr. and most of the southern Democrats were righteously indignant and opposed to the Civil Rights Act.  Yet Lyndon Baines Johnson gets credit for it.  

Indignant media:  The main stream media types who love it when a president gets what he wants by forcing it down the people's throat.  It's when you know your ideas won't be passed by Congress, so you force them down people's throats by unconstitutional executive orders using executive privilege.  

Being right: Conservative:  In conformity with fact.  It's being honest and telling the truth about economics truths.  Liberal:  Being right is politically incorrect.  You cannot speak the truth about taxes, socialism, liberalism, progressiviesm.  You cannot call us out on the facts, because the facts are the antithesis of liberalism.  You cannot say that high taxes result in less money to the government, not more.  You cannot say the truth about how Harding, Kennedy, Reagan and Bush II all turned bad economies around fast with tax cuts.  You cannot say the truth that the reason Reagan didn't reign in spending during the 1980s was because democrats reneged on their promise (passed by law) to cut spending.  You can get into trouble for being wrong.  If you complain about liberal taxes, you can get into trouble.  

Obama revolution:  Attempt by Obama to fundamentally transform America.  It is moving forward from conservatism to liberalism.  It's moving forward from capitalism to socialism.  It's taking money from those who have and giving it to those who have not.  

Fair share:  It's a catch phrase liberals use when someone is doing something they don't think is right.  For example, if you make too much money and don't pay enough taxes, you can't pay your "fair share."  It does not refer to the poor not paying taxes.  If you said, "The poor aren't paying taxes, that's not fair.  The poor aren't paying their fair share," that is not an appropriate use of this catch phrase.   

Forces of Social Change:  People who want to change the social structure of a nation.  They want to force their values on people so we do things their way, irregardless whether we support their values, and irregardless of the Constitution. Examples of this include: Fried food is bad so it should be banned, menus must have calorie counts so you can see what you're eating (assuming that we're as low information as they are), everyone MUST wear helmets, guns are bad (period. Only government can have guns so they can force you to change the way they want), all abortions must be made illegal by Federal law, all abortions must be legal by Supreme court demand, all machine guns should be outlawed by illegal executive privilege use, universal health care is a "right," exercise must be forced on the people by telling them that in order to keep their current health care coverage they either have to do it or they have to lie about exercising and not smoking, you must buy healthcare to protect those who can't afford it, you must buy car insurance to protect those who wouldn't have it otherwise, you must buy into government run social security, you can't retire until the government says because most people are too stupid to prepare for their own retirement, etc., etc., etc.

Modernization:  To liberals it means to accept what they think is important in the culture, in the pop culture.  It means to cave on your principles to support whatever idea is now.  This means Christians and republicans must cave and accept gay marriage because it champions for equal rights.  They must cave on abortion because it's the right of the woman.  They believe the Constitution and Church must be changed, updated to accept modern views. To republicans it means to make modern in appearance, style, or character; update.  It does not means to cave on principles. Modernize does not mean to buckle under the pressure of the modern media.

Primary infrastructure of the United States:  Freedom and liberty

Rudeness: To a liberal, rudeness is when you criticize them, or tell jokes about them.

Mainstream Media:  Liberal media. They pretended to be unbiased until the New Media was established with the advent of the Rush Limbaugh Show in 1988. Today they don't even bother to hide their bias.

New Media: Conservative media

American Exceptionalism: It's freedom and liberty.  The majority of history was full of bondage and slavery.  For most of history 90% of the people of any nation lived in poverty with no chance of improving their lives.  For 90% of history only the 10% who lived in the aristocracy had a chance at a good education and a well paying job.  So the majority of people throughout history have lived under tyranny and despots.  Then along came America where every person was granted the freedom and liberty he or she was born with.  The U.S. was the first place in the world where the government did not take away freedom and liberty, and therefore every person had an equal opportunity to succeed in life.  American exceptionalism is the opportunity provided to every person who lives in America because of freedom and liberty.  American exceptionalism is not what Obama says: " I believe in American exceptionalism just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism."  It is not that we are better people.  It is not that we are superior people.  It is not that we are smarter people.  It is not that God loves us and hates everybody else.  It is not that God prefers us.  It is not that God doesn't prefer anybody else. It is nothing more than the equal opportunity afforded to all who live among the American borders because our government does not and cannot (and this was ultimately guaranteed by the signing of the U.S. Constitution om 1787) make any efforts to take away our God given rights to freedom and liberty.  

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