Liberal Thought:
(Progressives, Communists, Statists, Socialists, Democrat)
  1. The statist solution plays on fear
  2. The official rules of the new world order
  3. Totalitarian leaders in the U.S.
  4. Progressives out of touch with America
  5. The religion of progressives
  6. Progressives believe America causes world problems
  7. The goal of progressivism
  8. Caliphate and global warming are both theories
  9. Why liberals and socialists fear God
  10. Granholm:  Capitalist failure progressive success
  11. Are progressives selfish?
  12. The devil and progressives try to manipulate
  13. Is a perfect world possible?  The Bible says no
  14. Is the Lorax an anti-capitalistic movie
New World Order:

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