Monday, January 3, 2011

Creating a New World Order: Part I

Progressives (aka liberals) learned after Woodrow Wilson's failures that the Big Revolution they yearned for to transform America to the way they want it to be is not possible. It's not possible because there's this thing called the U.S. Constitution that stands in their way.

Progressive policies were very popular in the early 20th century as we can see by various changes to the Constitution brought about by progressives. One -- the 17th Amendment -- allowing Senators to be directly elected, and another -- the 18th Amendment -- which outlawed the sale of alcohol.

Both of these amendments were among the first steps needed to perfect society. As you may or may not know, the ultimate goal of progressivism is to perfect society by allowing certain experts make decisions as to what is right and wrong. What is wrong is outlawed, hence prohibition. What is right is enforced (hence, no salt in restaurants).

Some other notable successess of the progressives in the early 1900s were voting rights for women and regulations on food and drug industries. Ultimately, the Food and Drug Administration and Health Department were established to protect the common man like you and me, yet also to tell our bosses what they can and cannot do at their workplace, and to tell us what we can and cannot buy. The cause was noble, yet the cause also took away our freedoms. Yet since their ultimate goal was to perfect society, it was for our own good.

In fact, the progressives were doing so well that Woodrow Wilson tried to take his popularity and that of progressivism and jump right into the New World Order (of course he didn't call it that, but we will for somplicity purposes). He created the League of Nations and tried to get the U.S. to join it. If the U.S. would have joined, the League would have had certain powers that exceeded the U.S. Constitution.

Ultimately, joining the League of Nations would have weakened the Constitution, which is exactly what progressives needed to accomplish to obtain their goal of a perfect society. It would have created the Revolution needed.

It would have changed the U.S for our own good. NWO courts would have the authority to overrule the U.S. Supreme Court. NWO Congressmen and Senators would have the ability to trump U.S. laws. Thus, the League of Nations would have been able to tell Americans as well as those in the rest of the world what is best for us.

They would be able to create a national healthcare program, national courts, laws as to what can be served at restaurants and what cannot (such as no added salt), prohibition, anti-drug laws, regulations on food and drugs, and so forth. Likewise, when the time came, it would be easier to force green regulations to protect the planet.

This League (or NWO) would have had the right to trump our natural God Given Freedoms the U.S. Constitution protects. While the U.S. Constitution sets limits on what our Congressmen can rule on, the NWO would not have such limits. The goal would not be so much about protecting individual sovereinity (the rights of men), but doing what is best for society as a whole (the rights of man or mankind).

Ultimately, the NWO would decrease our choices, decrease our freedoms, decrease the rich (they'd be taxed to pay for the programs, and therefore there would be less of an incentive to take the risks needed to get rich), more poor. Actually, to create more poor is the ultimate goal of progressivism. They don't want people to succeed at the expense of the poor. They don't want nations to succeed at the expense of other nations.

Like socialism or communism, progressivism is all about people being equal. Sure that sounds good, yet every single time it's been tried it has failed. It's been tried hundreds of times by hundreds of nations throughout history, and it has never once ever succeeded.

They want all people to be equal no matter what they do for a living.

However, Bible loving capitalists in the U.S. hated this idea. These Bible loving capitalists were the majority of Americans at that time. They hated the idea of the League of Nations. They didn't want their Constitution to be trumped by a NWO.

Thus, Congress failed to approve of the U.S. joining the League of Nations, and Progressivism got a bad name. As a result Warren G. Harding won the next presidential election, and capitalism flourished in the U.S. throughout the roaring 20s.

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