Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lies about republicans

I wrote a series of posts a few years ago titled, "Liberal Fallacies Clarified."  I think this was important to write about because there are a lot of people who vote democrat because of these fallacies, which are:
  1. Republicans are going to take away our social security
  2. Republicans are anti-choice
  3. Republicans are anti-gay
  4. Republicans are against stem cell research
  5. Republicans are uncaring, bigoted fools
None of the above are true.  The republicans like social security and want to fix it so it's still around 20, 30, 50 and 100 years from now so our children and grandchildren can enjoy it. 

Republicans believe people should have a right to choose what health insurance they have, and where they work, and how to run their own business without the government telling them what to do.  Republicans want low, responsible tax rates and limited government to create a good working environment so businesses have an incentive to create jobs and hire new workers.

Republicans want to find cures for diseases and are not against stem cell research, they are only against using fetal stem cells which have never benefited any diseases to date, while adult stem cells have benefited many diseases. 

Republicans love all Americans and don't favor one group over another.  Republicans believe we are all in this together, and they love everyone together as Americans. 

I only mention this because I had a couple patients all stressed out today because "those darn republicans just want to take our social security away." 

"No one is planning to take your social security away," I said. 

"They're always trying to get rid of social security." 

I dropped the issue, yet I have never in my life heard a republican say anything about getting rid of social security.  It's a myth. 

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