Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liberals are not stupid

One of my liberal friends posted this picture on his Facebook.  He's the kind of guy I know I can joke with, so I responded:  "Yes, it shows that how much education you have doesn't determine how smart you are."

And then this sparked a good conversation.  Basically we both decided that just because someone has a different political belief than you do, or believes a different religion, doesn't make a person intelligent or not intelligent.  Both liberals and conservatives believe they are both right, and they are both smart. 

Think about it.  If liberals were stupid, Obama never would be president.  If liberals were stupid, we wouldn't have welfare, medicare, social security, and we wouldn't have a bunch of programs to help the poor.  If liberals were stupid they wouldn't have gotten the healthcare reform bill passed.  If liberals were stupid, republicans would have no competition.  If liberals were stupid, Rush Limbaugh would be out of a job. 

I'm not going to go any further defending liberals, but stupid they are not.  And I'd also like respect from the other side, because conservatives are not stupid either.  In fact, studies show that almost 80 percent of Rush Limbaughs audience have a higher education.  And, yes, it's true, education does not determine intelligence.  I know many people who have gone on to have successful lives without a high school degree.  My grandpa and dad are two. 

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