Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Media Bias Apparent as Election Closes in

Just to show you the media bias, as soon as I turned my computer on today I saw the following:
The President will skip formal campaigning to visit New Jersey.  Challenger Mitt Romney, showing respect for Sandy's casualties, planned three floridia events.
Romney, GOP venture into Democratic territory
Poll:  Race is tied, Most think Obama will win.
Funny thing is, all the major polls had Obama down by as much as six just yesterday morning, and even Ohio was trending to Romney.

And any time anyone says, "Romney is ahead in the polls," the media person says, "But they are still tied.  Yes, the polls are always tied."

I propose three reasons for this:
  1. Democratic enthusiasm is down, so if they think polls are tied they are more likely to vote.
  2. If people think it will be a close election they will be more likely to keep tuning in to media
  3. Media Bias
What do you think?

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